Card Reading                                     

Card readings have been a magical way for us to connect to a higher source to receive clarity and answers that we may have in our lives. Whether you believe in God, angels, higher-self, spirit guides or just fate the cards have been a great way to tap into ourselves when we can get out of our own way to see things. I grew up reading cards with my grandmother and have always loved it's magic!


How this could help you: 

This service will help you see the bigger picture in your life and find clarity with your higher self. It is great for seeking present guidance or answer a certain life question. Whether you’re seeking relationship, career or health, card readings is a way to find peace in your life. I also will give you guidance on how to handle the answer to your question.

 What you get:

In a reading I use oracle cards that are for specifically answering  different types of life’s questions, from romance to abundance to health. You can ask a question and I will listen to my guides as the card present themselves to give you messages. I also give you guidance in your astrology sun sign.


Let the cards fall as they may


I meditate before each reading, allowing me to see in my minds eye [clairvoyant] any extra advise to share with you. During our reading I am able to channel messages I am receiving as a clairaudience and clairsentienceI am able to coach you with that information and help you find peace or clarity. I am able to give you tools, rituals, and 'spiritual homework' to help you with your next action. I also use astrology to help you better relate to the world around you. 


30 minutes || $55

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What Date Are You Interested In for your Service?

Sessions are done through FaceTime or Skype

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