3 Must Read Morning Routine Bonus Tips!

To get more of an ease about your mornings here are some tips I have come across to help become a morning routine Flowmaster to accelerate my happiness, growth, and productivity! 

Do you know that your morning routine can help change your life? Read the full post here!

Tip 1: I don’t check my phone until you have done some of your rituals. This is a very hard one, but highly beneficial for the way you start your day. Don’t reply to a text, email or call and especially don’t check Instagram. Just try it. If you need to see the time or have an alarm to wake up, go old school and get a clock.


Tip 2: Another great secret is the day before planning something that you are excited about. It can simple like getting lunch with a friend, taking a dance class or even getting a massege. This will help you have a little more motivation to wake up in the morning.


Tip 3: Add and subtract new routines to not get bored. Try a new exercise or a different order that you do them. Adjust your routines to the season around you. This summer I am adding learning another language and doing Duolingo for 10 minutes in my morning routine.

Will You Heal or Will You Grow? :: Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius :: July 27th 2018

“Coming together is the beginning;

Keeping together is the process;

Working together is success.”

- Edward Everett Hale


We may feel like we are dancing with the wind as we welcome this Lunar Full Moon Eclipse. The time has come as we are ready to evolve in every area of our life: our home, our relationships, our career and ourselves! We are craving a new journey and learning that change may look scary, but it is greatly needed to push us a little more in the direction of our dreams. With this shift comes new increased standards for our inner and outer worlds. Expect more for yourself and the world around you, as this Aquarius Full Moon eclipse calls forth the “We Can” strength in all of us.


Eclipses bring strong karmic energy as they a take a double dose of new and full moon energies; release and manifest. The events that happen during this time are considered karmic for they are creating huge shifts in our lives that push growth and evolution. Whether you’re ready or not. They will bring up triggers that you must learn to release, as well give you signs of what is flowing to push you to grow. Growth can lead us to a more beautiful world.


This is the second eclipse out of three of this cycle that is taking place between June 12th and August 11th. This will be one of the longest eclipses of this century lasting 1 hour and 22 minutes that is really opening us up to question, “WHO ARE WE BECOMING?” Time to get deep into who you are evolving into. The more you except change the more you are able to see who you truly are. You can see the bigger picture of your life as you learn to trust your intuition.


Take some time to honor it’s glory, as this moon is known as a Blood Moon because of the reddish color caused by light that is being refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere. Blood is our spiritual life force and as the moon spiritually bleeds out it reminds us to whip clean as we enter back into our more evolved version of ourselves as start new. It screams “This is the end of a cycle!”  Ask yourself, “What is ending in my life? What do you need to let go of? How can I find my freedom?”


Use this creative rebel Aquarian energy to be a truth seeker as we push forward together. Mars is making a nasty angle this full moon that may trigger anger or frustration. This will test you your emotions, remember to be kind to yourself during this cycle.


It’s time to heal and grow.


Full Moon Healing Tools



I am taking deep breaths to remind myself to let go


Symbol- Flower of Life

As I speak my truth I can manifest my true desires much faster


Flower- Lavender

May I be calm while I ascend out of the chaos


Eclipse Exact @ 1:22 pm PT / 4:22 pm ET / 9:22 pm GMT / 6:22 am AEST


Venice Beach sunset- photo taken by me

Venice Beach sunset- photo taken by me

Have you ever held your faith for so many years, through so many moments, had your faith tested over and over till one day you want to shut down, collapse into the nothingness.

Than you see your still breathing, still alive.


You realized that you are stronger than your emotions and thoughts and decided to move forward, because time moves forward and you can’t help but keep going because that's all the NOW is.


You see small signs, than bigger signs as you continue to keep the faith in your life.

You hold it so hard, that fears and anxiety start to slip away and the beauty of the present moment takes over.


Life seems a little more magical and you realized miracles are possible and they come with time, with moving forward.


You see everything is a cycle, there is no good or bad. Only present moments.


And now you lost in the continuous faith.


Faith that created hope.


Faith that created the kindness in your heart.


Faith that made every moment bliss.


Was faith a hidden door to ecstasy?


To the secret of life?


Faith moves mountains if you let it.


Faith brings you your wildest dreams and more.


You must living every day with faith in order to live











July is Transformation At Its Most Divine Karmic Rebirth

(image found on Pinterest)

(image found on Pinterest)

July is a powerful month filled with transformation at its most divine karmic rebirth. We are building a new foundation for the new to bloom open. We have spent June releasing our old paradigms and now begin to crave out the road ahead. Since most of July is influenced by Cancer, we are feeling a shift in what we call ‘home’. Cancer is the the symbol of the crab and this small creature reminds us at times we can feel safe and protected in our shells and there are times we outgrow them and need to change. What are you hiding from? What parts of what you called home not serving you anymore? This rebirth energy will force you to start from scratch, even when you aren’t ready or know how too. It’s time for a reset in our lives.


As we begin this new journey, there is a magical spark this month from Jupiter and the Solar eclipse in the second week of July that has us feel that anything can happen and the world is our oyster. Although the Universe may be handling matters in its own hands, we learn to let go of control and let things unfold naturally. Release, release, release.


Jupiter the lord of optimism, expansion, growth and creativity turns direct on July 10th after being in a backspin since March. The time has come to set sail with this renewable energy to help us expand our horizons and be greeted by new opportunities. Time to set your sights higher and see yourself succeeding in the dreams that you have been wanting to manifest. This is the start of some beautiful creative energy. Embrace the shift and let this energy heal you through the eclipses.


There is a New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12th that has some alchemy energy that will transform what is holding you back into happiness and success. When solar and lunar eclipses happen on new and full moons, it creates a supercharge of energy which can last six months! The events that happened during this time are considered karmic for our growth and evolution.


This new moon is opposite Pluto which will dig deep into our wounds of fear. We may have an inner crisis with the change that will unfold. We may have to face our own shadow demon that we have been avoiding. There is nothing more beautiful than when you prove to yourself just how strong you are.


Even though Pluto is opposite to cause tension and pushing us to transform, the moon creates a beautiful Grand Trine in the sky creating miracles! This energy taps into the beauty of Venus, Saturn and Uranus making it a great time for love and long term relationships. Stability and closer bonds will grow. It’s also a great time to try something new! Find new creative hobbies and get involved with new people. The Grand Trine’s energy will keep your Pluto vibes calm and patient as you plan your step by step actions. This is a great day to experiment and get creative! Whatever creative energy you focus on this New Moon will lead to a big growth in your life with many great things to come.


Have your faith carry you through this month and know you are meant for better things. The Universe will reward those for the hard work they do within.

Miracles are possible!

Summer Solstice Rituals

We are leaping into a whole new soul cycle! Hello Summer! This Thursday the Northern Hemisphere celebrates the ancient past time of the Summer Solstice, the day with the most light. The Winter Solstice is when we have the shortest day and longer nights, and the Spring and Fall Equinox are days of perfect balance of day and night. Many sites around the world from as far back as time have been built in honor of the Sun. It’s one of my dreams to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge which has been a place of celebration and worship at the time of the Summer Solstice for thousands of years! How magical!


It’s time to celebrate the light within us all. We are light beings on this planet spinning around this great big sun. Light is the source of our growth and life. Since most of us might not be traveling to an ancient sight to celebrate, there are beautiful ways you can honor the Summer solstice with your own rituals.


Here are some rituals to honor this beautiful day.




Set your soul on FIRE


The element of fire has been used to help honor the Summer Solstice for years. Get outside, make a bonfire and watch the stars. To add more magic to you fire you can throw in dried flowers, lavender incense, and summer herbs like rosemary and mint. A bonfire on the beach would be even more scared to also help usher in the energy of this next season of the water sign of Cancer.


This is also a perfect time to ignite your soul and ask yourself the burning questions; What do you desire? Fire is a beautiful element that is constantly moving to remind us that everything flows, and nothing is permanent.

Ask yourself:



What have you moved through?

What have you created?

What have you let go of?

What have you survived?


Look at it and own it.

This is your story of life!


Bloom like the FLOWERS.


Spring was the time to plant seeds, physically and mentally. As we slip into summer, things start to bloom. It’s the perfect time to work and be around more flowers! Buy them for your home, friends, and family all summer long. Especially in bright colors like yellow and orange in honor of the sun. You can also add flower essence into your life. I wake up every morning and mist my face with rose water. Hello Queen! Let the love and beauty fill your life. Every flower has a deep meaning and special energy you can tap into. Check out one of my favorite fairy sisters; Tess Whitehurst and her post about The Magic of Flowers.


For all you goddess out there, this is the perfect time to gather flowers and make a flower crown. Two summers ago I spent my weekends making flower crowns in Malibu, and the amount of joy I got from working with flowers and watching goddess dance around in them, filled my heart. This is a great week to get creative as the energy is ripe! Start a DIY project and let it flow. Check out how to make a beautiful flower mandala from Lotus Wei.



As the Summer Solstice kisses the crab, we start Cancer season. This season victory and success are here! We left behind all our fears in May and went through growing pains in June to now be open to the gifts July has in store.

Want more rituals? Check out Mystic Mamma

Time to Speak From the Heart [New Moon Gemini June 13th 2018]

image found my Pinterest/ cosmic edited by Me (Kelley Koski)

image found my Pinterest/ cosmic edited by Me (Kelley Koski)

Time to get chatty and socialize as we have a New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday, June 13th. New Moons are the start of a new cycle in our lives and what better way to have it in Gemini the sign of the playful twins, to communicate what we want and need. Take note and watch your thoughts and words, as genius ideas may pop out of nowhere. We will be caring about what we say and how we express our opinions as Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury will be in Cancer making communication more emotional and sensitive. Our crabby side could come out, so be around people you love and speak from your heart! When Cancer is in Gemini it operates with emotional intelligence. Go deep into your core to communicate what’s inside, and let the weird playful Gemini energy heal you through it. Can we say hot tub party Wednesday night? No better way than to socialize in the warm-hearted waters of Cancer as we chat it up with our close friends about all our crazy ideas for the future.


Change your thinking, change your world.


“When we connect with others about our hearts desires, we can build new kingdoms together.” - Nicole O’ Bryne, I


Hours before the New Moon Gemini, Mercury does a scenic drive to Uranus making a positive sextile. Radically new ideas and conditions will be change our perspective of our whole world. If the inside changes, the outer world will shift to fit. We are beginning to intuitively sense the opportunities that this Uranus in Taurus cycle is unfolding for us. Time to communicate those thoughts about what makes you feel free! Do you feel money is stopping you? That's all about to change.

 What’s your message to the world? Dream big, no BIGGER!


Mercury also does a drive-by shooting making a square to Chiron our 'wounded healer.' It’s time to speak up and talk about our pain, trauma, and stress. Release that shit. We must get to the core issues that we have been processing and dealing with lately.


"We are all born with a wound, a part that we bring with us on our hero’s journey to find our medicine and our gifts to the world. When we speak about our pain, when we let it move through us, we can heal it, transform it and empower ourselves.”

- Nicole O’Byrne, Inner Doorways


With the Sun and Moon both in Gemini we are getting an extra dose of Twin magic. Allowing us to dive deep into the core of our soul to heal in playful ways.


Your motto is “Who knew that (soul) work could be so much fun?”. Try to find ways to make the best of it with with tapping into your inner child. 


Make lightheartedness of the stress and pain you have been going through. Laugh it off, because you are just in a video game called Earth.


Time to level up to the next round in your life.


Ready Player One?