⬤ Virgo New Moon ⬤ September 9th 2018


Time to nurture our soul back into feeling whole as the harvest of our new selfs has begun. As we enter Virgo season’s New Moon it is calling us to really embrace being present and to find gratitude in those moments. We have survived a very intense summer and now see the deep truth that had occurred in our lives. Our soul has gone through a rebirth and with that many shifts have happened that involved releasing and gaining on multiple levels of our cosmic selves.


This New Moon will pull out the confidence and dedication to go step by step into our new lives. We now see the truth, see the clarity and see what new gifts have been growing inside us. We are seeing the reality of the moment which when you are fully aware of the present, you have more ability to change it. With Saturn turning direct a few days before on the 6th we now have a cosmic burst of clarity around our long-term goals that will add a magical feel to this New Moon, but don’t get to lost in the future, remember staying present and planning step by step will lead you to finding your peace within.


Neptune will be opposite the moon which might trigger moments of fears, confusion or loss of hope. To tackle these energies be present because you will see that the other positive cosmic energies around this moon will out weight these small flashes of fears.


Virgos energy will push us have quiet time in the means of creating boundaries to all things that are distractions to a clear mind. Take the days around the new moon to gift yourself the power of self care. Virgo rules our stomach and digestive system, so take the time to really nourish yourself with healthy foods and be present when you are eating. Are you eating out of anxiety? Are you eating unhealthy choices because you don’t see your worth or value? It’s time to take care of yourself so you can be of service to others which is Virgos deep nature. Being of service is the highest spiritual plan of ascension and may people on that path are now seeing the view of a new world of endless beauty and what seems to be magic through this selfless act.


Keep clearing your space, releasing the old, declutter to make way for the NEW. The new you, the new career, the new relationships, the new talents and the new eyes in which you will now see the world.


Here’s to your organized success of overcoming your fears.


May the harvest within bloom so radiant cosmic child.


Picture above cosmically edited by me