Are you ready to find balance? Libra Season | Horoscopes


Libra Season

September 23rd - October 22nd

We are greeted by balance as the Fall Equinox ushers Libra season this Friday. The Fall Equinox is the day of equal day and night. The perfect balance of light and dark as these polarities reach a stabilized energy. For the next month we finally find that sweet balance in our lives that we have been so anxiously awaiting. Where in our life have you been craving balance? We are reminded to be kinder to ourselves and our community as Libra energy seeks harmony, equality and fairness. It’s time to forgive ourselves on many levels and allow the balance to unfold in your worlds.

With even more beauty to this flow, Mercury enters Libra Friday September 21st just two days before to help light up our charm in elegant ways of communication and in our artistic projects. We are a lotus blooming in the mud. Our true beauty is flowering this month for those who have pushed themselves through the mud of summer to realized their own inner strength. Our beauty comes from releasing our ego and accepting your not the only one in this world. Libras justice energy allows us to listen to others and be accommodating. This isn’t about you anymore. How can you be more accommodating to others around you? Where have you not allowed others to express or share themselves fully?

Creative projects will be flowering open this season. Allow libras airy energy to take you to your mind to new artistic heights. Journaling will create a unfolding of balance in our minds, and I highly recommend setting aside time each day for this during Libra season.

Write before you speak, create knowing it will be refined, and be social to express your true self.


Aries- The power of two is on your heart. Show off your passions in your relationship whether its romantic or artistic. Details are import to talk out these next four weeks as you will be wanting to take the next steps in love and projects. Allow your heart to sing with joy!

Taurus- Time to tackle that wellness wish list. Focus on your mind, body and soul connection. It’s a balancing act of self-care and will-power in order to motivate your new healthy habits in place.

Gemini- Your creativity is flowing and with that comes some head turns. You’re in the spotlight with your flirty side. Enjoy the glamorous side of life these next four weeks as you create your art and show it off!

Cancer- Home is where the heart is these next four weeks with ‘comfy’ and ‘cozy’ getting a new makeover in what you call home. Spend this time in your scared space to relax and reboot into fall. If you’re making pumpkin soup, call me over! ;)

Leo- Feed your curiosity this season and get in the KNOW. You’ll be living the hosting, director, leader vibe as your tribe comes seeking you out for the latest and greatest in life. This is a good time to do a digital upgrade to make yourself feel fresh and new.

Virgo- May the money gods rain down upon you! Focus on how you flow your income in and out, as your work and finances are in the spotlight these next four weeks. If you play your cards right this could be the month to reward yourself with a little something something! ;)

Libra- The fall queen has arrived as you will look good and feel good making you in a confident social mood has you get showered with attention during your season. Make sure to set aside time for yourself and connect with your passions. Ask yourself, where do you want to see yourself by your next birthday?

Scorpio- Before a star can shine it must prepare to be on stage. Libra season is your time to  release, review and rest! Clean out old habits, thoughts and patterns so you are ready for your season next month. I recommend talking out your plans, pain and passions to help prepare and heal the past. This is a good time to journal and write ideals and emotions out.

Sagittarius- Your social butterfly energy hits the scene as you are ready to set fire to your ideas and networks. The blaze of your passions and projects will spread like wildfire, so share! Feel the support of your community, and remember we all in this together.

Capricorn- Your creativity is flowing as you now see where you want to go in your career. Aiming high should be easy for you mountain goat. Libra season allows your social side to come out to network about your projects. Don’t worry you’ll find the tribe you are looking for.

Aquarius- Be kind. Be truthful. Be honest. Will be your mantra this Libra season. Spread your wings and fly as you will want to be set free inside your mind and possibly globally with travel in your heart. It’s time for take off so launch that project and keep things flowing.

Pisces- Time to take a deep look at what you are seeking in a partner and allow yourself to express and share your intimate side. See how you can add a new flow of life with someone. To get into that space open up to what gets you excited and see how your sexual heat lights up the eyes of others.