How Your Morning Routine Can Change Your Life


Do you ever feel like your days go nowhere, or that you wish you could be more productive? Or even wish you had more time? I felt lost for years holding that feeling that “one day something will just happen”. I thought it was going to be the money, or if I just book a national commercial, or finally date the right guy, but as always it is just a state of mind, as I was reminded by this book...


At the beginning of 2017, I stumbled across a book called “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. Hal reveals the secrets of creating a morning routine designed to change your life. Teaching you the very simple tools that highly productive and successful people do.


Why do “Morning Routines”?


My morning routine gave me the sense of structure that I was missing. It allowed me to manage my time effectlying and really understand myself at the deepest level. The more you understand yourself, the more authentic you become. As you become your true authentic self you are able to tackle anything that life throws at you with some sort of easy. Is that what we all want? To flow through of days with magic and easy?


There are five things you want to achieve in the morning:


• Become alert

• Take care of your emotional state

• Take care of your intellectual growth

• Take care of your health

• Work on your long-term goals


After doing my morning routine, I had a huge sense of accomplishment, no matter what the rest of my day was like from wearing a banana costume for an entertainment gig to driving in traffic on the 405, I felt unstoppable. I felt more at ease to enjoy my day, which also allowed my creativity to come alive. I felt powerful and I finally felt like I was taking control of my life. And the best part was I was in a better place mentally.


Ok, so here it is!


The magic of your morning routine comes from having “ME TIME”. Here are some of my ritual secrets I discovered that unlocked my life.  


The base for the morning routine involves these activities:

  • Hydration

  • Deep breathing

  • Intention setting

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Reading or consume a course

  • Exercise

  • Devoting time to a personal project or interest


I know, it’s the simple things! Once you put them into practice your life unfolds in beautiful ways!


Here is what my mornings look like:


I wake up about an hour after sunrise, I take 5-10 deep breaths and get out of bed. If you have trouble with getting out of bed then count backwards 5,4,3,2,1 and get up. Check out Mel Robbins secret to morning motivation if you need inspiration.


I have a glass of water or make tea in the winter than it’s straight to meditation. (I created a “sacred space” in my home where I sit for quiet time.)


My meditation consists of a breathing technique I do for a few breaths to relax my body and mind than I go into my meditation for about 10 minutes. (Need help meditating? Please comment if you would like to know more on how I do visual meditations in which I communicate with my guides for guidance and answers that I am seeking in my life. Also, check out the Calm app)


Since I am intuitive I pull oracle cards to get my mind thinking about what my intention of the day is, and to see guidance to what might unfold. You do not have to be intuitive to use cards, you can get cards with empowerment words or mantras on them to hold a thought of the day. Check out my amazing girlfriend Stevie Nelson’s pocket mantras.


I then go to my journal and reading chair, curl up with my tea and journal 3 pages in my “morning notebook” of my thoughts.


In my journaling I write about:

  • The thoughts on the cards I pulled

  • Processing what happen the day before

  • Ideas or visions I had from my meditation or dreams

  • What I am grateful for


During journaling, I can’t tell you how many epiphanies I had about what steps to do next in my life. Let alone process out all my thoughts and emotions that helped my anxiety and stress levels go down. I used to hate writing because I was bad at spelling and failed English, but I let go of my worries and just scribbled my thoughts and it was more powerful than I realized. Things in my life were manifesting!


After journaling, I read. I have fallen in love with reading since I started my morning routine I have read 25 books in a little more than a year! I couldn’t believe how much wiser I was becoming on topics like neuroscience, flow, and happiness.


After reading I flow into an exercise; bike riding, yoga, or going for walk. This wakes me up and really helps me focus on the rest of my day. My body and mind feel unstoppable. I think we all have felt the amazing effects of exercise, but if you need a refresh, listen to this Ted Talk: The brain-changing benefits of exercise.


Then I start my personal project; my coaching business which flows into becoming my day!


You’re probably wondering, how do you have time to do all this? Honestly these don’t take up that much time. Once you start, you will easily see how you can add in a morning routine before you head to work or begin you day. Hal’s book goes over ways to help you become a morning bird if this isn’t something you’re used too.


I used to flounder around about my mornings waiting for jobs and auditions, filling my time with endless friend dates and beach days. I know your thinking, wait it’s that what we all want, the perfect tan and coffee dates with our close friends? Yes, it is a beautiful part of life, but not when I felt lost in the meaning of my own. I was broke from too many lunch dates and $12 juices. I was ready to create more meaning in life. LA can put you in a spell of “waiting to be discovered.”


It turns out I did get discovered, I discovered myself in ways I couldn’t believe. Since I started my “morning rituals” over a year and half ago I created my own dream business as an Life Coach and Astrologer, tackled my financial struggle and fell in love, being in the most healthiest growing relationship I could dream of. I discovered talents and abilities I didn’t know I had inside. Could this all be from my morning routine? It absolutely helped shaped the dream life I started living.


Want more magic? Here are 3 Must Read Morning Routine Bonus Tips to help you really uncover the magic of the mornings. These tips can really help you accelerate your growth of happiness and add productivity to your days.


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Here’s get being the early bird that gets the worm!