3 Must Read Morning Routine Bonus Tips!

To get more of an ease about your mornings here are some tips I have come across to help become a morning routine Flowmaster to accelerate my happiness, growth, and productivity! 

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Tip 1: I don’t check my phone until you have done some of your rituals. This is a very hard one, but highly beneficial for the way you start your day. Don’t reply to a text, email or call and especially don’t check Instagram. Just try it. If you need to see the time or have an alarm to wake up, go old school and get a clock.


Tip 2: Another great secret is the day before planning something that you are excited about. It can simple like getting lunch with a friend, taking a dance class or even getting a massege. This will help you have a little more motivation to wake up in the morning.


Tip 3: Add and subtract new routines to not get bored. Try a new exercise or a different order that you do them. Adjust your routines to the season around you. This summer I am adding learning another language and doing Duolingo for 10 minutes in my morning routine.