Venice Beach sunset- photo taken by me

Venice Beach sunset- photo taken by me

Have you ever held your faith for so many years, through so many moments, had your faith tested over and over till one day you want to shut down, collapse into the nothingness.

Than you see your still breathing, still alive.


You realized that you are stronger than your emotions and thoughts and decided to move forward, because time moves forward and you can’t help but keep going because that's all the NOW is.


You see small signs, than bigger signs as you continue to keep the faith in your life.

You hold it so hard, that fears and anxiety start to slip away and the beauty of the present moment takes over.


Life seems a little more magical and you realized miracles are possible and they come with time, with moving forward.


You see everything is a cycle, there is no good or bad. Only present moments.


And now you lost in the continuous faith.


Faith that created hope.


Faith that created the kindness in your heart.


Faith that made every moment bliss.


Was faith a hidden door to ecstasy?


To the secret of life?


Faith moves mountains if you let it.


Faith brings you your wildest dreams and more.


You must living every day with faith in order to live