July is Transformation At Its Most Divine Karmic Rebirth

(image found on Pinterest)

(image found on Pinterest)

July is a powerful month filled with transformation at its most divine karmic rebirth. We are building a new foundation for the new to bloom open. We have spent June releasing our old paradigms and now begin to crave out the road ahead. Since most of July is influenced by Cancer, we are feeling a shift in what we call ‘home’. Cancer is the the symbol of the crab and this small creature reminds us at times we can feel safe and protected in our shells and there are times we outgrow them and need to change. What are you hiding from? What parts of what you called home not serving you anymore? This rebirth energy will force you to start from scratch, even when you aren’t ready or know how too. It’s time for a reset in our lives.


As we begin this new journey, there is a magical spark this month from Jupiter and the Solar eclipse in the second week of July that has us feel that anything can happen and the world is our oyster. Although the Universe may be handling matters in its own hands, we learn to let go of control and let things unfold naturally. Release, release, release.


Jupiter the lord of optimism, expansion, growth and creativity turns direct on July 10th after being in a backspin since March. The time has come to set sail with this renewable energy to help us expand our horizons and be greeted by new opportunities. Time to set your sights higher and see yourself succeeding in the dreams that you have been wanting to manifest. This is the start of some beautiful creative energy. Embrace the shift and let this energy heal you through the eclipses.


There is a New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12th that has some alchemy energy that will transform what is holding you back into happiness and success. When solar and lunar eclipses happen on new and full moons, it creates a supercharge of energy which can last six months! The events that happened during this time are considered karmic for our growth and evolution.


This new moon is opposite Pluto which will dig deep into our wounds of fear. We may have an inner crisis with the change that will unfold. We may have to face our own shadow demon that we have been avoiding. There is nothing more beautiful than when you prove to yourself just how strong you are.


Even though Pluto is opposite to cause tension and pushing us to transform, the moon creates a beautiful Grand Trine in the sky creating miracles! This energy taps into the beauty of Venus, Saturn and Uranus making it a great time for love and long term relationships. Stability and closer bonds will grow. It’s also a great time to try something new! Find new creative hobbies and get involved with new people. The Grand Trine’s energy will keep your Pluto vibes calm and patient as you plan your step by step actions. This is a great day to experiment and get creative! Whatever creative energy you focus on this New Moon will lead to a big growth in your life with many great things to come.


Have your faith carry you through this month and know you are meant for better things. The Universe will reward those for the hard work they do within.

Miracles are possible!