Time to Strengthen Your Willpower and Spiritual Growth- [June 2018 Astrology Forecast]

Photo by Dan Moroni / edited by Me 

Photo by Dan Moroni / edited by Me 

June is the month to strengthen our willpower and spiritual growth. As we near the summer solstice at the end of the month, we will have high and low waves of emotions. This Gemini energy will create days where we will be tired, over it, feeling low energy and not motivated. Other days we will feel energized, inspired and on top of the world, but don’t worry even though we have low moments there is still positive possibilities ahead as the Gemini New Moon on the 13th brings great luck and success, especially in business. You will be able to see through the fog this month as Neptune will turn retrograde to clear away illusions and manifest your spiritual faith. There will be 5 planets in retrograde this month having summer start off at a slow pace, and we need it as we are still clearing away old energies, bad habits, and our past traumas. Yes, I know, we're still going through that. Ughhhhh


Willpower comes from discipline and discipline leads to confidence to create actions on the bigger issues and goals we have in our life. Understanding resistance will be a huge focus this month.  


Resistance and Fear


Are you paralyzed with fear? That’s a good sign.

Fear is good. Like Self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do.

Remember the rule of thumb: The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.

- Steven Pressfield


This month I highly recommend reading this short but life bible book by Steven Pressfield The War Of Art to help get through this month! Resistance never sleeps and we must fight this battle every day. WIllpower isn’t something you obtain, it’s a daily practice. Take baby steps EVERY DAY.


We have a Gemini New Moon on the 13th calling us to buddy up because we need someone to help support us through this time. Creating healthy habits and having willpower is always best done with a support team. You are being called to muster up strength and when you show discipline the Universe will reward you and open doors that will support your dreams! “Just Do It” is your mantra this month. This New Moon falls on the belt of Orion given us strength, energy, and confidence. It brings protection and good fortune, making this a positive day especially in business too!


Neptune will take a backspin and go into retrograde on June 18th for the next 160 days. Neptune spends 40% of the year in retrograde clearing away the fog of our illusion and false fantasy in our relationships, finances, and career. It is also a great time for our own spiritual development and quest for truth. Neptune RX isn’t as feared as the closer planets ie; Mercury RX, but if you are far from living your truth or purpose in your life, the harder the hit from its backspin. It’s a great time to get deep with yourself and pick up more books, go to yoga, meditate daily or seek counseling. Take care of yourself and add a spiritual practice into your days. Your psychic and intuitive feelings will take fight at this time. Spiritual growth will accompany the rich emotional experiences you’ll be having this month! The Astrology King says, “Neptune retrograde 2018 forms a fortunate aspect pattern called a grand trine. It shows great natural talent and creative potential. Mercury and Jupiter are the other planets involved so there is a hopeful, philosophical and friendly feel to Neptune retrograde this year.” This is another positive day this month!


Mars will join the retrograde team on June 26th passing through Aquarius and Capricorn hitting the slow-mo button. Mars fiery energy might blast us with ex’s reaching out and fights breaking lose. Your rebellious side might come out with the Aquarius energy and Capricorn will have your self-discipline be pushed at its highest. Keep clearing out, elimination, detoxing, releasing changing and sorting out your environment. Breath through these moments and know it will be over with time.


The Capricorn Full Moon on the 28th will have your ambitions on center stage. Time to check in with your half-yearly goals and resolutions that you made at the New Moon in Capricorn back in January. How far have you come? What goals do you have for the next six months? Where do you want to see yourself at the end of this year? Write it all down! Do yourself a favor and check in with yourself and be honest.


Remember to push yourself this month and “Just Do It” even when you don’t feel like it. Your discipline will be rewarded. Have faith and watch your life unfold this June. Haven’t we always wished for summer to slow down?


Insights from Mystic Mamma and Astrology King