Time to Speak From the Heart [New Moon Gemini June 13th 2018]

image found my Pinterest/ cosmic edited by Me (Kelley Koski)

image found my Pinterest/ cosmic edited by Me (Kelley Koski)

Time to get chatty and socialize as we have a New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday, June 13th. New Moons are the start of a new cycle in our lives and what better way to have it in Gemini the sign of the playful twins, to communicate what we want and need. Take note and watch your thoughts and words, as genius ideas may pop out of nowhere. We will be caring about what we say and how we express our opinions as Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury will be in Cancer making communication more emotional and sensitive. Our crabby side could come out, so be around people you love and speak from your heart! When Cancer is in Gemini it operates with emotional intelligence. Go deep into your core to communicate what’s inside, and let the weird playful Gemini energy heal you through it. Can we say hot tub party Wednesday night? No better way than to socialize in the warm-hearted waters of Cancer as we chat it up with our close friends about all our crazy ideas for the future.


Change your thinking, change your world.


“When we connect with others about our hearts desires, we can build new kingdoms together.” - Nicole O’ Bryne, I


Hours before the New Moon Gemini, Mercury does a scenic drive to Uranus making a positive sextile. Radically new ideas and conditions will be change our perspective of our whole world. If the inside changes, the outer world will shift to fit. We are beginning to intuitively sense the opportunities that this Uranus in Taurus cycle is unfolding for us. Time to communicate those thoughts about what makes you feel free! Do you feel money is stopping you? That's all about to change.

 What’s your message to the world? Dream big, no BIGGER!


Mercury also does a drive-by shooting making a square to Chiron our 'wounded healer.' It’s time to speak up and talk about our pain, trauma, and stress. Release that shit. We must get to the core issues that we have been processing and dealing with lately.


"We are all born with a wound, a part that we bring with us on our hero’s journey to find our medicine and our gifts to the world. When we speak about our pain, when we let it move through us, we can heal it, transform it and empower ourselves.”

- Nicole O’Byrne, Inner Doorways


With the Sun and Moon both in Gemini we are getting an extra dose of Twin magic. Allowing us to dive deep into the core of our soul to heal in playful ways.


Your motto is “Who knew that (soul) work could be so much fun?”. Try to find ways to make the best of it with with tapping into your inner child. 


Make lightheartedness of the stress and pain you have been going through. Laugh it off, because you are just in a video game called Earth.


Time to level up to the next round in your life.


Ready Player One?