As We Find Freedom, Will The Selfie Obsession Die? [Uranus In Taurus May 2018]

Photo of the Olson Twins: Found on Pinterest: Edited by me

Photo of the Olson Twins: Found on Pinterest: Edited by me


Will the ‘selfie’ era die? Will our obsession with ourselves shift? It’s all about to change so hold tight pretty little thing. What sparked this self-crazed obsession of ME ME ME?


In 2011, Uranus moved into Aries radically revamping the way we express ourselves. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected surprises and Aries being the first sign in the zodiac is the sign of The Self, YOU. Aries rules the face, so low and behold the ‘self’ was born. If you remember back across these last seven years, Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat were born. A platform all about YOU as Uranian energy celebrates individuality and technology. This transit has connected us to each other in so many ways. We found freedom in expressing ourselves. We are able to see how people lived all over the world. We got excited to share our experiences because ‘experiences’ is rated high on the happiness scale and we are all on the search for happiness right?


But to every yin, there is a yang, and it may have caused more harm than good. Watching everyone’s curated “happy experiences” created depression and FOMO. Extreme social comparison grew making us unhappy with own lives that we were living. People started to live non-authentic lives covered in filters and apps that distorted our view of how we see ourselves and others. The revolution is coming and if you are someone who is realizing the effects of social media, check out my blog on How to Start Using Instagram In A Healthy Way.


On May 15th, this seven-year cycle ends as Uranus waves goodbye to the Aries warrior and jumps on the Taurus bull.


So what’s in store for the next seven years?


We will be changing the way we associate with freedom and money. As Taurus rules, money, finances and banking and Uranus rules freedom. The question we ask ourselves is how are we going to break free from our financial woes that have weighed us down? Some astrologers are saying bitcoin is going to help revolutionize this shift and help us feel free from our outdated system of money. We are all in debt, we are all chained to working long days, we are all slaves to money. It’s time to change the fucking system because it’s clearly not working. Aren’t we all fed up with prices rising, housing at unaffordable prices, and ever-increasing?


Since this is a cycle, let’s look at what happened in history when Uranus was in Taurus about 80 years ago. Oh, the Great Depression, which was between 1929-1939 which started with the Wall Street crash in ‘29. During this time, rationing replaced normal currency. The Great Depression brought us the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. regulation of securities markets, the birth of the Social Security System and the first national minimum wage changed.


It is clear we will seeing banking take a turn has chaos might prevail. Is it a coincidence that there is a huge bull statue on Wall Street in New York? I think not. Uranus also rules feminism which we saw a lot of women coming forth during its transit in Aries with the Women’s March. It may be no shock that women will be the leaders of this financial turnover as it comes into Taurus. Will we see the overthrow of these powerful male banks?


“The World Will Be Saved By The Western Women.”- Dalai Lama


Uranus loves surprises and Taurus loves to make sure the ground is stable so there could be some crazy times ahead for all of us globally. Hold tight this is about to be a huge time for us these next seven years. With Taurus also being a fixed sign, meaning that these actions will be our foundation for the way we live these next few years out.


Stand up.


Find your freedom.


And flow through the chaos.