A Shelter of Hopes and Dreams [New Moon in Taurus May 15th 2018]

Jourdan Dunn in Fashion DJs directed by Nick Knight / cosmic edit by me

Jourdan Dunn in Fashion DJs directed by Nick Knight / cosmic edit by me


This New Moon in Taurus provides us a shelter of hopes and dreams. We feel safe and secure in our faith as long as you listen to your intuition. Hello higher self, are you there? With six planets lining up in earth signs, we have a strong foundation for planting seeds of our dreams with perseverance. Bulls love to work as long as passion leads the way!


Taurus rules, money, stability, hard work and determination. This moon will have us approaching our goals knowing good things are coming! It’s time to be honest with yourself and live your life with purpose. A feeling of patience and calmness will easy your soul this new moon.


Old wounds may have popped up to be healed as the moon is opposite Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio. Stop hiding in your shadows or projecting your issues. All you need is a little TLC to repair. Write it out, get creative, go for a walk in nature. With all this earth energy this is the time to connect with your sense and get grounded. Get out and enjoy nature with going on a hike, gardening or buy flowers. I highly recommend dancing barefoot in the grass or sand. Feel the earth because nature is a powerful healer!


Taurus also rules values. What are you most valuing in your life? What passions are you giving your time too? The New Moon trines beautiful to Pluto which creates positive transformation. Are you valuing the deep experiences that are taking place and transforming your life? Remember this a month to let you gifts shine!


A few hours after the new moon arrives we have the one and only Uranus that moves into Taurus, along with the Sun in Taurus. So much earthy bull energy around us. Uranus is unpredictable and Taurus disliked change. They may be a surprise or two that shift your values on how you view your finances and material things. It’s time to think different, connect to things differently and see things in a whole new way. Uranus will be in Taurus for the next seven years, get ready to watch the world change in so many ways!

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“We want to be free NOW.

But at the same time, with the Taurus influence, we don’t want to feel rushed and we don’t want to lose what makes us feel safe and secure…

“Still, with all this muscle in the chart, it’s like the cosmos is saying, you’re stronger than you think you are…

“With Uranus about to fall into Taurus, what we currently accept as solid ground and absolute certainty is liable to change very quickly…”

- Leah Whitehorse