The Butterfly Moon Effect


We have been a self-loathing caterpillar in a cocoon of deep self-reflection these past few weeks during this Mercury retrograde cycle. Anxiety, fears, past wounds have surfaced as we continually eat one leaf after another. This isn’t mindless eating, we are consciously trying hard to move forward in all that we know. That is the Aries energy pulling you forward. You don’t know the future when you are a caterpillar, you just consume, and that’s what we have been doing, processing and consuming our thoughts and emotions. There is a shift that is taking place inside of all of us.


Change is coming


The caterpillar focuses on being a caterpillar, not knowing when one day its life will be transformed. We can’t stay in the Mercury cocoon much longer, we are ready and excited to rip through the webs from our old routines and patterns as Uranus reminds us to be different and try something new. Freedom and liberation are spinning in our soul.


We feel the great shift coming as this Aries New Moon reminds us that this is the perfect time for a fresh positive start in our lives. We are ready to embrace being a new version of ourselves as the butterfly, all on the 15th.


Time to start new adventures.  


Change can be scary and our nerves may tickle us as we transform into a new version of ourselves. Don’t wait for the wind to push you, spread your wings and fly! Do something out of the ordinary, and switch up your routine. You will discover you’re not the only butterfly in the sky and will find new thrilling people along the way that are more fitting for your new journey.


Our Lord of Karma, Saturn will be stationing retrograde on the 17th until early September. During this retrograde, we sort out our karma. Hopefully, you’ve been a good caterpillar. As it squares Mercury our karmic lessons are all about our thoughts and words. Your mental health will be greatly affected by your negative thoughts, bad news, loneliness and verbal abuse. Don’t rely on the words of others and be careful with your own.

As Pluto also stations retrograde in the grounding earth sign of Capricorn on the 22nd, it’s time to unleash your warrior side. Just as the butterfly lets go of its caterpillar past life, so must you. It is time to take control of your life and confidently fly through the wind with determination and willpower. You will be able to overcome your addictions and bad habits. The Astrology King reminds us that “destroying things which have control over you will increase your spiritual power and lead to personal mastery.” Use the power of your mind to transform your personal crisis or trauma in a story of success. You are the writer of your own world. Miracles are possible are we shift form and become the butterfly.

[insights from The Astrology King ]