I am a Succulent Hunter

Me out on a hunt

Me out on a hunt

This may seem strange, but it’s about time I confess something weird. I’m not the only one who does this, because I learned from someone else who does this. So that makes it ok.

OK here it goes, so…

I ‘hunt’ for succulents.

I guess in other terms some might say I steal, but woah that’s pushing it. Let me explain….

I am not going into people’s glorious million dollar desert-esk front yards and swooping them, and that was just once when I was really high, and it was dark out. That aloe plant TOLD me it wanted to come home with me! Also in my defense it was a full moon and I like to secretly act like a ninja.

Anyways I am just taking them from the sidewalk. You know the grassy parts dogs pee on, well sometimes there are nice plants there. Plus am only taking about two hand-fulls at max. For the record I have skinny white girl hands. On average this happens only every other month or longer… i think? Hunting season is all the seasons.

Plus the sidewalk is fair game.

And I am obviously taking only the small ones where there are hundreds of them growing. Taking one or two of them now and then is nothing in terms of the aesthetics of that sidewalk.

Confession number two:

I adore them so much! I love rearranging them in my house in there cute planters with the little white rocks and green moss you buy at Michael’s Crafts. I just appreciate them so much, with all there indescribable colors. I mean ‘succulent green’ is a color according to Cirque Colors nail polish.

It’s almost like a “rags to riches” story I image for the plants. They were on the streets of Venice… and West LA (I got my certain spots) getting peed on by dogs. Now they are adorned in my jungle palace.

No going to lie, there are times I go out on a hunt and bring a small empty bag to just taken my ‘two hand max”. Just cause I anti walking down the street cupping dirt and plants in my hands. Thats looks weird?

Whatever, I feel like I have also saved money.

I don’t support commercial plant farming. I support the plants of the streets.

I give them good love and a place to grow in a safe environment.

Hunters gotta hunt