How To Make The Most Use Of Seeing A Psychic

Photo by  Wyron A  on  Unsplash

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

Psychics and mystics have bewilder us for hundreds of years by passing messages about the future from crystals, cards and unseen voices. Something about their dazzling stacked ring hands waving magically through the air as we become mesmerized. Who doesn’t want to peer into the future in order to prepare ourselves for what’s next?

Surprisingly we are actually all psychic, with no black eyeliner needed. Some of us are able to tap into it more than others. A Medium is someone who is able to be in the middle of a three way call from another light being. Hello, Billy? We also can all channel. Channeling is a way of being open to the life’s creative intuitive messages. We chanel the art we make, the projects we work on and the ideas we get.

As a psychic/medium myself, I have intuitively come to understand some things of this mystical world as my abilities have progressed over the years. In turn, it has helped me understand my own readings and how to help my own clients.

Psychics don’t know the future, but they are able to see potentials paths of the future.

Finding someone to help you uncover your messages can be a very empowering experience.

Most of the time, people don’t know what to do AFTER they have received messages from the psychic. What you do next is crucial in shifting to your reality.

Here are some keys insights when visiting your incense smelling mystic.

  • You must understand that everything is energy vibrating at different frequency. We are made of energy and that energy is constantly changing. Therefore, the roads ahead are constantly shifting. When a psychic “sees” a path in your future, remember it’s just a path. You can choose to go down that road or not. If you’re not totally in alignment at that point in your life, it might pan out the way a psychics explains.


  • Don’t get stuck in the… future. Psychic are reading you at the point where you are in your life now. The reading will be based on your beliefs systems and your potential in your current state. If a psychic tells you that she sees you dating a tall man with dark hair, than a week later you meet a red hair cutie, don’t dismiss him! It could just be another path. Follow your heart, take chances, write your story. Who knows, maybe he leads you to the tall dark haired man later in life?! Maybe the red hair cutie dyes his hair months later, or maybe none of this! If you get fixated on future, you could be missing out on potential paths that could lead you to great things!


  • We all have free-will. When you receive messages from the psychic you are now able to take that information and apply it to your life. You have free-will to do what you want with this information and it may trigger you to take actions or understand your true emotions or thoughts about something that is occuring in your life. If you don’t agree with something a psychic says listen to your emotions about it. Your emotions are your compass to life.


  • You must DO the work. My girlfriend kept going back to her psychic month after month wasting time and money because she didn’t use the information presented. The psychic expressed to her to focus on herself, maybe give some space from her boyfriend that she was having issues with. But she didn’t do any of those things. Things kept unraveling in high’s and low’s, so she kept going back to the psychic, who then would repeat the same message. Just because a psychic sees you successful or married doesn’t mean it magically happens. Like all things in life there are steps to take and a lot of inner work to reach your full potential and happiness! We use psychics to ask… what’s going to happen next? But the real question here is… what do I DO next?

In The End

It’s ok to want to know ‘guidance’ of certain things, but if you are looking for a definite answer to your question, you will likely be disappointed. This is because the information they communicate doesn’t come from them, it comes through them. You’ll receive what you need, not what you want. Which often can be two totally different things.

Listening to your own guidance as a psychic presents information to you. Ask yourself questions on how you can control your own thoughts. You are the creator of your own world. Go with your own gut and use their words as a possible guideline. Psychics can help you find peace in seeking the future.


What actions are you going to take next?

What’s in your next chapter?