Finding Center With Spring || Your Astrological New Year Horoscope!

On March 20th we celebrate the Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year with the first sign of the zodiac, Aries! Restart. Reboot. Refresh. It's all about YOU. The spring and fall equinoxes mean there are perfect day and night, calling in balance for our lives. Today we are finding our center.


"Time to step out into the world and reinvent yourself like a force of nature. It’s an exciting time of rebirth, renewal, and appreciating all that life has to offer. It’s New Years day! Make resolutions, make plans, reinvent yourself, change jobs, move, fall in love and EXPLORE the possibilities." - Yvonne Walker


Ask yourself:

Where do you feel balanced in life?

Where do you not feel balanced in life

What can you do to return balance or to feel more centered?


Take some time today and journal your thoughts:

What have you been dreaming about over winter?

What do you want over the next three months?

What do you feel inspired about?


Here is your Aries Horoscope ✰


Aries- Take a look at your personal goals and desires. Follow what sets your soul on fire!

Taurus- Time to close the door on old chapters. Then it’s time for some self-care, rest and reboot

Gemini-  Time to build empire Gemini and not alone, reach out for collaborations with others.

Cancer- Career blessing. Opportunities for growth. Business deals are hatching this spring!

Leo- Time to travel and explore inside and out. Self-development is key as you journey to new places.

Virgo- Look out hottie! No more vagueness in love, let your desires be known. Beware who you let in your circle

Libra- Plan date nights and build a deep foundation in your relationships. Two is the magic number of love.

Scorpio- It’s “back to basics” with working out! Spring cleaning is on your mind and body. Sexy summer here you come!

Sagittarius-  You are center stage! Ge out there! Maybe it's time to do more live videos?

Capricorn- Get in the home zone and get some spring cleaning done! Feng Shui say whaaat? Invite more people over to the Casa de Capricorn.

Aquarius- It’s all work and play in your own zip code. Stay in the moment and connect with other. Volunteer, give back and balance the joy of work and play.