Moon Wound |New Moon in Pisces March 18th 2018|

Healing Our Deep Sea Wounds


This month we are ending the story. As the Sun and the Moon and little Chiron, all meet in the sky to finish writing the last chapter in our “pain novel”. We stand on our ships, feeling deeply lost in the seas of Pisces. We’ve been tossed by the mental waters and thrown overboard by the physical winds. We yell with our arms opens to the dark night sky, “ I surrender, I’m letting go!”. Lighting cracks inside of you, this is it, you have learned from your past. The rain starts to pour from the stars as it stings our wounds, it cleanses all the pain. You are no longer a victim! The sun gentle touches your face, faith and confidence arrive as a rainbow appears to be floating in the clouds. It’s time to sail forward, into your new life. You are now capable to navigate through the darkness.



This New Moon on March 17th/18th, we are seeing where we feel like a victim. We must learn acceptance which reminds us to let go. The cosmos want you to expect miracles! Jupiter’s winds blow backwards to whisper in our ears to following our dreams! As Jupiter started it’s retrograde on March 8th in Scorpio the sign of death and rebirth we are now open to transforming.


We have a new map with new sights to journey too. New goals are planned, as we continue to search for the meaning of our life. We have set free all that doesn’t serve us, so that we can make room for a new crew, new adventures and even new treasures!


Let the Pisces energy in, as you can heal yourself this month with water.

Drink more clean water

Go for a swim

Cry it all out

Laugh till it hurts

Go in a sauna or

Visit the glorious ocean.  


Captain, set sail! Here’s to a new adventure.


Moon Mantra

“You can either see yourself as a wave in the ocean or you can see yourself as the ocean.”- Oprah Winfrey