Dropping Anchor On This Virgo Full Moon In The Seas Of Pisces

It’s time to drop the anchor captain, the seas are settling and the moon is full.


On March 1st & 2nd we have a Full Moon in Virgo during the sun season of Pisces. In Pisces, we live in our emotions a little bit deeper, we feel an emotional responsibility to be more open. We want to get lost at sea and love soulfully. Yet, Virgo doesn’t know how to navigate the ship during this time. Virgo loves order, but there’s so much that feels out of place. We love our ship and staying on track towards land, but for once we dare to dream of jumping into the sea in hopes of becoming a mermaid healing our fantasties.


Once we are deep in the sea with all the other creatures, we find strength in numbers. Leah Whitehorse explains that “The great sea of the collective unconscious is surging. In the waters of Pisces, we want unity and connection. The urge is to merge and to live together in sweet heavenly harmony. In this sign we feel each other’s sorrow. Compassion flows and we begin to envision ideal scenarios to ease suffering and promote cohesion.


Hopefully we did drop our anchor and we can see land ahead. Saturn is that island in the distance reminding us to take is slow, as it’s aligns nicely with this moon. You don’t need to jump on a speed boat to make it to land. Go slow, and enjoy the healing water around you. If you feel lost, focus on the practicalities, which is Virgo’s favorite word, and the name of your ship. Focus on what’s real and tangible.


Remember Saturn is in Capricorn this whole year. ‘It’s about being responsible and accountable, climbing the mountain one step at a time. It’s about finishing what we started.”- Leah Whitehorse.


Moon Questions

How will you learn to not fear your emotions?

Are you learning to slow down?

When will you learn the importance of healing to gain strength?


Me as a mermaid at private event

Me as a mermaid at private event

 Moon Mantra

“I must be a mermaid, I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” ― Anaïs Nin