Moon Food for Thought - The 2018 January & February Eclipses

As we being 2018, we start off January and February with eclipse season. Eclipses are a force of powerful change and even ‘eclipse’ things out of our lives to help us grow. For those of you who want to learn more about what eclipses actually mean and how to prepare yourself check out my blog post [HERE].


To give you a little insight. An eclipse isn’t just a cool event or a spectacle. When things in the sky move, change and do their little dance, it means we move, change, and do our little dance on earth. During eclipses, you can feel like your doing a beautiful waltz through the ballroom of life or like a drunk break dancing at the club with no handle on anything. Eclipses always arrive in pairs, stuck together with new moons and full moons, as solar and lunar. Solar means when the moon is standing in the middle of the sun and earth, creating an eclipse. Lunar is when the earth stands between the moon and the sun. It’s basically a new moon and a full moon on steroids.


For most of 2018, this eclipse season is on the Leo/Aquarius axis. We just had a lunar eclipse on January 31st, and this eclipse is about finding your community or letting go of the community you once had. The effects of this eclipse will last about 6 weeks. Eclipses are a time to eliminate and declutter your mind, body, soul.


Me and the Moon in Joshua Tree State Park, California 

Me and the Moon in Joshua Tree State Park, California 

Here are the questions that will come to your life from this energy.


Where do you want to eliminate stuff willingly in your life?

What do you really need to follow your hearts path?

Were are you held back?

How do you get rid of the fear?

What has served it's purpose and is ready to be left?


Since eclipse come in pairs, we have it’s steak(Leo) to it’s vino(Aquarius) as the solar eclipse in Aquarius arrives on a silver platter on February 15th. This moon food has a major focus on ideas and communication because Mercury is joining us for dinner. Also joining us at the table are two asteroids, Juno and Hygeia. This means love and companionship, and health and medicine will be topics of discussion at dinner. Uranus is also joining us, sitting at the head of the table reminding you to make positive changes to improve our lives. As dessert is served you have a sense of freedom and new idea of choice, with exciting new ideas, leaving you with a happier, healthier and more enjoyable heart for what is ahead. Doggy bag of happiness it is! (I mean it is the year of the dog)


Together these two eclipses (January 31st Leo & February 15th Aquarius) are signs of new awareness! Especially for women who are now waking up and standing up from the years of being trapped and suppressed.


Moon Mantra

“Spice Up Your Life!”

Because the Spice Girls always believed in girl power!



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