2018 spiritual ode


I started just as symbolically as this photo taken of me in January- flat on my face with women’s wounds. As I choose to heal myself and face them I was presented with a journey ahead that I would never expect. I stood up dusted myself and I slowly disconnected from my old self. I shed my skin. I broke through my cocoon. I allowed myself to deeply breath as my world shifted around me. I not only saw my future I began to feel it. My heart and my blind faith tapped into magic as I let it guide me. I call it women’s intuition. I found my true self and as I healed I grew upward and onward towards the light.

There will be no stopping passion in one who follows their true heart.


Hypnotized in a desert sunset I was rebirth for my 33rd trip around the sun in a kaleidoscope of color. It awoke a self guru in me. The healer, the wild women. I knew what I needed to do and it burned in my soul as I walked across the desert sand with love that stood behind me.

Encouraging me.

There I was on the bottom as the light hit my eye and I began to look up and see the top of my mountain, a world my heart only imaged. As I approached what seems to be an infinite beast, stairs presented itself. But not all the steps, for when I took one, the next one appeared. Wildflowers bloom along side the mountain twisting and growing toward the steps creating the peace I needed to know that this was the right path. The climb will be long but it’s my journey to take. I’ve seen the other side and there’s no going back. I’ve seen the view from the high rises. This isn’t for power as they call it, it is for humanity. For that will keep me climbing the stairs. I learned to keep faith in 2018 for the adventure just begins. I’m making peace with letting go of all the past creations and stories I told myself.

2019 I will step upon evolution mountain not just for me but for you, and especially for all the women out there who are ready to change this world.

There I lay


I knew it was time to heal

Because I could see the earth

The Life-Death-Life cycle is here

it’s a journey of the unexpected

You shed your skin

You break through your cocoon

You see your future with new eyes

and feel your future through oneness

Yet there is a mountain to climb

An infinite beast

Let the light guide your next step

It’s a step not only for me

But for humanity

For this is evolution mountain

A journey home

-Kelley Koski