The Books I Read in 2017


I fell in love with reading this year, more so than other years. Why? I think my brain craved a hunger and thirst that books provide more than my mindless staring at Instagram pictures. Once I picked up this healthy habit in April of 2017, my mind couldn’t stop my obsession of knowledge being feed to it from real cover to cover books. My list of books grew as I reached the magical number of 11 by the end of the year. Reading this year has changed my forever and I plan to read two/three books a month in 2018. 


1.The Miracle Morning

By Hal Elrod


My new years resolution was to start my mornings off right and get in a healthy routine for my mind right away each day. This is the only book I didn't read but listened to on audiobooks. This book has changed my behaviors and the way I started my morning routine. This book is perfect for those needing structure and change in their healthy habits. This book makes me love awaking up everyday, and after a year, I still do my morning routines that this book has taught me!


2. Stealing Fire


By Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal


This book set off my addiction to reading. It came to me at the exact moment I was experiencing everything happening in the book in my real life. The book explains how our brain functions when we are in “ecstasis” moments in our lives known as “flow states” aka STER. Self-lessness Timelessness, Effortlessness and Richness. As I was reading it I had this crazy feeling I was going to Burning Man in 4 months which I had never been too. I ended up going and thank that book for opening me up to even more magic in my life.

3. The Rise of Superman

By Steven Kotler


Continuing my addiction to “flow states”. This book talks more in depth about extreme athletes and how they perform in ecstatic moments and how athletes might have secret brain functions.


4. Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think

 by Steven Kotler and Peter Diamandis


This book is wonderful! It gives you so much hope for our future. It’s all the good news, inventions and ideas that exist in the world that the media doesn’t share with you. This was a perfect book to get your head out of this negative world. Breaks down our system and how we can change for the better as a world. Very inspiring and hopeful! 


5. Zero To One

by Peter Thiel


Peter Thiel is the CEO of Paypal. This little book is his simple way of creating a successful business. I loved his argument that you should have such a novel idea that you have no enemy or rival when starting a business. 


6. The Journeys of Socrates

by Dan Millman


Dan Millman is one of my favorite non-fiction writers! This book will play like a movie in your mind of such a powerful love story as well as as a warrior of revenge in non-violence. 


7.Incognito The Secret Lives of the Brain

by David Eagleman

My brain was ADDICTED to this book! If you want to understand yourself and how our brain works this is the bible for understanding our brain functions and why we act and operate the way we do. One of my favorite books this year! You can feel yourself getting smarter and  coming to understand yourself on such a deep level.


8. The Brain The Story of You

by David Eagleman


Dives deeper into our brain functions and is a good refresher of information from Incognito. So good your brain hurts in a mind expanding way!


9. The War of Art

by Steven Pressfield


My good friend passed this short book along to me to help break through bad habits we tell ourselves. This book is a great will-power boot and a good look into finding your creative flow. It knock self doubt right out of mind!


10. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

by Dan Millman


Based on Dan’s real life experiences, as a college kid he befriends an old man who works at gas station who teaches him “the way of the peaceful warrior”. A beautiful story of a student and master learning about life itself. The book has endless quotes about life we all need to hear. There is so much magic in this book and is one of my FAVORITES this year!


11. Runaway species

by Anthony Brandt & David Eagleman


To me this is a beautiful history book connecting our past and how we as humans evolve and create through creativity. It is about the creative mind and how of brain functions. Loved every minute of it!