Falling into Change- Fall Equinox


Happy Fall Equinox

As my roommate, Val says ' It's the time where your coconut oil turns from liquid to solid. The leafs turn colors and fall in the cool breeze... a wonderful reminder to let go of what is no longer serving us, and express gratitude for the abundance around.'

"Today is a MAJOR day in CHANGE. The change in rebalancing your life. A new chapter starting. We are going deeper emotionally. Exposing the things you like and don't like. The things you want to change. This is what the story is going to be about for the next couple weeks. We are trying to understand deeply what this change is going to be. Where were you these last 6 months and what are you planning for the next 6 months ahead?" -Leo King

"Equinox is the point when the Sun crosses the equator and everywhere on Earth day and night are approximately of equal length.

Symbolically, it can be viewed as the point when day meets night, where opposites meet on equal ground, where we can integrate the duality within the oneness of existence.

The ancients, who knew themselves to be at one with the Earth, honored these planetary shifts as important reflections of life. As above so below, As within, so without." - Mystic Mamma


Celebrating the Fall Equinox

One of my new fall secrets is the magic of cinnamon. I actually started carrying a stick of cinnamon in my purse for the fall. This little spice is known to help you attract success and is also great for protection, love, and healing. Cooking with cinnamon for your health helps with heart disease, it's loaded with antioxidants and is also an anti-inflammatory. It is also known to help enhance your psychic powers! What a great spiritual spice!

To unleash its power, you can cook with it or add it to your fall teas. It has been said to be good for bring quick cash. Try putting cinnamon in your purse or wallet or even by your spare change jar at home. Attach a dollar bill to it and watch your money grow! 

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