We're All Adjusting: September 2017 Astrology Insights


As we enter September we are now picking up the pieces of what the most epic month of the year has left us with. Leaving August behind, you are in your new world. Everything is different, we are thinking differently and we are even feeling different. Most of us are ready to manifest big changes, but it will take time to adjust to this new reality on all levels. Welcome to September; the month of Adjustment.

We may not know it yet or can feel it so strongly, but there is a new energy inside each one of us. We may be adjusting to our new environment, or our environment may be adjusting itself to us.

‘This could mean a sudden move, a radical change in work, upgrade in your home, vehicle, electronics or a huge change in your relationships, including the one with yourself. You may feel the need to purge, clean out, move things around, get rid of the old, bring in the new, get support, make new friends, to upgrade your world to reflect your new vibration and new intentions. When the adjustment is self-driven, it is exciting and inspiring when if it may be overwhelming at times.’ - Lena Stevens

These adjustments will create a roller coaster of moments of inspiration to boredom and excitement to devastation. It’s important to create a healthy balance between driving the boat and letting the currents guide you. Balance is key this month along with allowing yourself to be sensitive to the journey. Follow the intuition of your heart instead of the theory of your mind.

On September 5th Mercury retrograde ends, and with Mars on its side, as they are both in the sign of Virgo, things are really moving ahead. Mercury is the messenger and knows how to communicate what needs to be done. Mercury is also the planet of clarity, understanding, and information. Mars is the planet of action, our reality and day to day routines. Such a great combination for us to clearly see the direction we are taking and for helping us to know how to run our lives more efficiently. We are seeing how to fix the issues and situations. Don’t escape or run away this month, it’s time to stay focused what on you’ve been dealing with from August and the past months or even years. Make changes, make adjustments and fix what is coming up for you in your life. Use prayer, forgiveness and let go of grudges, worries, and criticism to help adjust and fix things.

Some of the most intense days of this month will be from the 11th to the 13th. The Moon will be in Gemini and we have Mutable T-Square, in English, it’s going to be crazy few days with hard decisions to be made. Lots of sorting out and growing up will be done. There may be information overload that could make us feel unsure of our choices. We might feel bipolar with highs and lows. Don’t worry, the 18th and 19th (which is the New Moon in Virgo) will be powerful days for taking actions and getting things done. These days could be seen as negative or positive depending on how you look at them. There is a lot of Virgo energy this month. Not until the end of the month we will find clarity, direction and what relationships we want to move forward with. It’s time to make life changes, do big things and create the things you’ve dream!

As we approach the Fall Equinox and as the sun moves into Libra on September 22nd, we are adjusting to our environment and surroundings. It may feel like ‘forever summer’, but we are now preparing for the darkness of the months ahead. We will be finding beauty in dark with the months ahead.

The 28th will be the most powerful day of the month. You will see and experience massive growth on your path and destiny. Align yourself with the right people in your life to feel stable and inspire you. Let the new Libra energy help you understand balance because a massive change in your life will be approaching.

It is time to change the story and tell a new one about ourselves and the world we live in. Only a new story will help us to adjust to the change that is already here…”- Lena Stevens


Insights from-  Mystic Mamma and The Leo King