Planet Playa: My Journey to Another World

August was truly a month that most of us I believe will never forget. For me, it was a month that forever changed me. This month, instead of sharing a self-help tip, I wanted to share the life changing event I experienced this past August - My first trip to Burning Man.


For the past 10 years, I have heard of this mystical world. I was never dying to go, at some times thought it wasn’t for me, but was always open to the idea if it came my way. This year everything aligned in a magical way. Someone I met very quickly started deeply impacting positive change into my life suggested the idea of going to burning man, and it surfaced my excitement to go. Weeks before the dusty desert gates open to this planet tickets magically manifested and it was clear it was my time to go.


No one can explain to you what you’ll experience out there. It’s something very magical and otherworldly. It’s a place where you feel like this is how humanity can be seen at its best. There is no elite and no money, it is filled with total expression, creative masterpieces, kindness for all, and a sense of oneness with no judgment.  I was blown away by what humanity has created, how much time, money and love have gone into creating a world that could only be experienced once a year then is completely destroyed and nature is left untouched. It all seems like a dream.



It's been a little more than one week since I've watched one the most spectacular events of my life. Watching "The Man" burn was truly symbolic and beautiful and transformative all in the same way. Every day I would visit "The Man" that stood so sacred in the center of this planet. To share this moment with a city of 70,000 people caught in the mysticism of fire, surrounded by art, music, a deep inner expression for oneself, as we were all present to watch the destruction of whatever “The Man” had represented to each of us. It was one of the most beautiful destruction, from tears to cheers. 



I fell deeply in love that week with humanity. I saw creativity at its highest peak for humankind through art and self-expression. Insanely stimulated for a week of pure joy, I was forced to be present in every moment. I was continuously in a beautiful cycle of flow with peak moments. I completely reset my mind and body before coming back to my ‘default’ world.


During the week, I had one of, if not - THE most beautiful moment while in the desert. As cliché and cheesy as it sounds, I witnessed one of the most magical sunrises over a desert of white powder while standing on "The Man" in the middle of the city. Tears poured down to my face as the beauty overtook me. I haven't been moved like that by only nature and the surrounding environment. This is a  place of love, peace, and gratitude and it fills the deserts and souls of everyone there. I processed so much about my own life and the lives we all live on this planet.


I will truly never forget August 2017.


I fell back in love with dancing.


I was inspired to do more art.


I learned how controlled I was by my subconscious fear of money.


I lived in true ecstasy.


Thank you Dan

Thank you Universe


Thank you Mankind