October 2016- Sensitivity & Balance

Steven Quinn

This is a month of sensitivity and balance. We have gone through several months of up’s and down’s, breakthroughs and break up’s, and successes and failures. After coming out of Mercury Retrograde, and last months’ review, reflect, and revisit, we are ready to carve out time to create a balance. In order to create this balance, we are going to have to face the fact that we are sensitive and need to make boundaries.

We started the month with a New Moon skimming the morning light of October 1st in Libra. This moon is known as a black moon, prime for manifesting! Black moons represent the start of a new growth cycle. We have also changed seasons, and there is as much color change in our minds as there is in the leaves. This change has left us sensitive and trying to rebalance the new. It is a perfect time to be creative, dive deep into music, and spend some time in nature with the beauty of fall days or endless hot summer nights [ hello LA! ]. It is also time to be alone and re-organizes your life, your relationships, and your home, the boundaries of you! Since the following two months will bring crazy holidays, family and friends, take this month to really do you.

In the middle of the month, a Full Moon in Aries on October 16th will push our sensitivity buttons. Anything that threatens to consume you is out of balance. Pay attention to decisions you may be making out of guilt, habit, or addiction. We must create balance through moderation or you might stay stagnant in a time of perfect change! This is the only time of the month you should watch your emotions and face them.

“What does BALANCE look like?

“There is a balance between doing and being. We all know what ‘doing’ looks like and some of us have been ‘doing’ way too much.
‘Being’ states include meditation, prayer, being with nature as you walk or sit, silence, rest, sleep, being receptive, listening, and just simply consciously ‘being’ with others, your food, your environment, your cup of coffee etc.
“Being is also Presence so practice being present and bring that presence into all of your ‘Doing’. It will make the doing more focused, efficient and balanced…”
“Another area of working with balance is to bring more moderation into your life. Look at any place you experience extremes from energy levels to emotional reactions to addictive behaviors to overworking, overthinking, worry and fear.
“Anything that threatens to consume you is out of balance. This is where boundaries come into play. You may need to say no to what threatens to consume you in order to achieve balance through moderation.
-Lena Stevens

Insights from-http://www.mysticmamma.com/the-theme-for-october-2016-is-balance/