November 2016- Healing & Transforming

This is a month of healing and transforming. The October 30th New Moon in Scorpio sets the tone for the first part of November. We are now out of our comfort zone and welcoming our new ways and rituals into our life to heal and transform. This is a wonderful time to stay focused and develop a special project or relationship to add more purposefulness and depth in our lives. Is it time to launch a new business venture or maybe spend more time with your Mom or even take care of you and finally break that paranoia? When we take the time to understand others motives, we can enrich our feelings of forgiveness, vulnerability and the basis of being human which in turn create more meaning in our lives. 

In the middle of the month on November 14th, we have a  Full Moon in Taurus. By this moon, you have realized that if fate hasn’t killed you then it has actually made you stronger. With a strong breed of the bull inside us, we feel less like a victim and have become quite fearless. Bruised and beat up from the year, we can actually be proud of our scars and now we can even show them off. With the power of the Full Moon, we always become restless and the nightmares may creep in. Dreams will be vivid so pay attention. Your phobias and fears may also be inspiring and you might know how to conquer them with such strength of a bull.


November 19th Neptune retrograde ends!
Set your sails out and catch the wind! This five month MIA of waiting and wondering is over. Your dreams, fantasies, and inspiration are now uncovered by the foggy seas.


At the end of the month, we have a New Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th. Time to awaken the adventurer inside us, especially if you're a fire sign. Your focus will increase on your goals and your understanding and courage will expand your horizons. Travel is bursting from our souls from holiday trips to working abroad.