May 2017- The Portal is Opening!

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The only way to bring focus and stability into our lives now is to learn to prioritize from the heart.” -Lena Stevens

April Showers bring May flowers. We are coming out of an intense month. People’s lives are changing at great speeds.

“It’s a chaotic month requiring flexibility, adaptability, thinking outside the box, patience and resetting our priorities. We all yearn for stability and perhaps even reminisce about old times when things were a lot simpler. But this is where we are now and there is no going back. It is not going to get any ‘easier’ but we will get used to it and adapt to this new vibration that is part or our evolution. -Mystic Mamma.

May is our baby steps that we are taking forward. April had a lot of changes, reviews, and lessons. Now we start our long walks on the beach towards the end of the year in our new mindset.

 “We are being asked this month to be more comfortable with chaos and to learn to trust the greater order of things. Even if we feel out of control we must trust everything happens for a reason.”– Mystic Mamma

May 4th we have a portal opening! Saturn is crossing the Galactic Center again. It had crossed earlier this year on March 8th. This is a time to go outside at night, close your eyes and breathe deep and feel connected. Wish, dream and let in the energy. The Galactic Centre is the point around which our whole galaxy, The Milky Way turns. With Saturn at the Galactic Centre and it feels more like we are being sucked down into a huge black hole, on the edge of an event horizon of something big. But we don’t know quite what it is!  We are fearful, yet somehow excited about what’s ahead! The birth of a new world perhaps?  Saturn, here calls for us to take control of our future now more than ever. Yet the future can’t be controlled, it can only be created.  Looking at Saturn at this GC point in the past we find, times when our reality and perspectives changed big time!

May 10th we have a Full Moon in Scorpio. Adding more to the transformation in our lives, big actions will be addressed and taken around this Full Moon. Our emotions may run high, but a change like this is a greater soul journey than staying stagnant. You are transforming your new life and the new you. Now more so than ever my little butterfly.

 “Make sure that you change something, get rid of something or upgrade something in your environment this month. It could be as dramatic as a change of location for home or work.” -Lena Stevens  

May 25th we have a New Moon in Gemini! How divine that the sun and the moon will both be in Gemini really asking us to play, be free, create, laugh and embrace your inner youth. Be like your favorite Gemini, Oh who me? This double energy just wants you to have fun!