May 2016- Deep Reflection

We blossom into the beginning of May with five planets in retrograde but end with three. This is still a month of deep reflection of ourselves as well as the truth we seek. This month especially with Mercury in retrograde until May 22nd may seem like we are juggling tasks, projects, and people from the past, as well as our thoughts and feelings through constant communication, checking in and checking dates twice. Living in the moment appears to be more difficult with May seeds that need to be watered, repotted and recoiled.

We have a New Moon on May 6th/7th in Taurus asking us to be grounded in truth or the power of ego. We are reaching a step in spiritual growth. Although the word ‘ego’ may not be as negative as you think.

 “Ego is not the demon it’s often made out to be, but a tool to be used wisely. When Healthy and mature it knows when to speak out with confidence when to remain silent in humility, when to act, when to wait, when to grasp and when to go. It becomes a wise and trusted friend who sustains us through times.” -Sarah Varcas. 

With Taurus being an earth sign it’s time to plant our feet in the truth of our emotions. Let all your thoughts and feelings out from the past that you haven’t expressed and or didn’t know were there.

Jupiter the planet of luck, expansion, wealth, and abundance will turn direct on May 9th after it’s retrograde since the very beginning of the year! Guess what!? After all your hard work, sticking to your new year's goals, and or just living in your truth now is the time to see your beautiful flowers bloom. This is your “May Flowers”! Watch the abundance roll in that is if you stuck through it for these past four months.

We have a Full Moon on May 22nd in Sagittarius also stunningly timed with Mercury retrograde ending! This is the arrow of faith being shot at us by our inner warrior! Time to take action with all the hard work and review that you have been doing since last month. How does your life look now with this new perspective?

Make peace with your future and keep faith in your heart, because at the end of the month you will know where you stand. Have you been patient with understanding growth in perspective time? Or have you been too eager to speed up time and let yourself steer, with ear muffs on ignoring the signs of the universe? ((red lights flashing))

Don’t forget to stop, look, and listen to the signs and remember that transformation is not linear, it is a process that takes us back, forth, up, down, and all around until we get to where we have had our focus on wanting to be.