March 2017- You Will Be Leaving This Month A Changed New "You"

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Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.”
-John F. Kennedy


This is going to be an exciting and powerful month!!! This month will be all about seeding. Planting your ideas and starting the process of manifesting because three months from now you will seriously be shocked to see where you are at in life! DO IT DO IT DO IT because this month you could manifest your dreams, just put your boots on and do it! Things are about to bloom as spring is around the corner.
The story of your year starts now! We start with Jupiter opposing Uranus which happens about every 20 years!  This energy can feel like there are forces greater than us forcing us. We won’t feel like we are in the driver seat. So much can happen that we don’t know where to go. Jupiter will be in retrograde in Libra all month till the end of April which can blow up your social media. Make that video, because it could go viral with this luck, along with Mars opposing Jupiter you can get the courage to overcome those obstacles that have been blocking you!

For this month here are some keys days to look out for:

March 6th is a day to have patience with yourself. Great day to dive into intuitive work or get creative! Try one of those DIY projects or create art in the medium of your liking! This is also a good day to just accept that you “don’t know”. We are constantly learning and even great masters say they don’t know all the answers. Breath and relax today.

March 8th we have Saturn crossing the Galactic Center! A portal is opening! Go outside at night, close your eyes and breathe the night sky! Meditation, journal and burn incense to connect deeper. Your great ideas will be popping into your head.

March 12th you have a Full Moon in Virgo and daylight savings. A grounding moon to really set your life straight and harvest your seeds! Use this moon to really declare what you want to achieve in life! What are you passionate about? There will be healing and you will find solutions. You will look back and know how to fix things.

March 14th is a day to look at your life and identify where you can have more of an open heart. Choosing to open your heart takes authentic commitment. This is also a good day to release, and guess what? You are so ready to let go.

March 20th- Sun enters Aries. Happy Pagan New Year! This day Saturn has the spotlight and you are going places you never thought you are going AND YOU’RE GOING! Your dreams are coming true!

March 22nd is one the best days this month! Clarity will return to you and this is the day to take actions. NOW IS THE TIME. Make connections, Reinvent your social circle, study, reach out, publish your paper or launch your website! This is the day! We are tuning into the collective.

March 25th Venus goes into Arise! Venus will be at it’s the closest point to earth, so Venus’s divine feminine energy will be strong! We get a re-start in life. Open your heart, connect with women and stick to your core values. This is a day to watch the sunrise or the sunset. Take in the sun rays and get ready to download the new feminine codes.

March 27th we close this month of will a New Moon in Aries. We enter into our new role, a new identity, a new YOU! We are really excited and driven. Step into your new shoes of the new you!

“We are so lucky to have these alignments this month. We are exiting March changed. It’s a new YOU!
– The Leo King. 


This month “be available”. For what? For whom? It’s up to you. How long? How much? It’s all up to you. Be available in ways you’ve never been before. This is your soul work!

insights from- Adam Gainsburg & David Palmer (The Leo KIng)