June 2017- New Chapters in our lives!

The new doors have opened in our lives! How many of you felt the last week of May shift your life into a new perspective? The North Node moved from May 30th-June 5th and the portal for change, new energy, new chapters opened. This one is going to last a long time, months, or even years. Are you ready to write a new chapter in the story of your life?

Take your time. Step into this new world. It will come together. No matter what has made your life hard, you are entering into a fresh new light. This is the time you drop to your knees and let your suffering go. There is a huge need to start fresh. We have two planets leading this month- Neptune and Jupiter, which rule our perception and thoughts of where we are going, our beliefs and imagination.

This is a major month of unlocking doors to where we are going. We are being pushed into a new direction. We are clearing out the 2012 energy. New doors are opening and there is a weird feeling of a hidden veil of where we are going, yet it is exciting! Mystical worlds are opening up in June, use this energy to prepare for the rest of the year. This is a month about really walking through these new mystical worlds we have discovered. Time to face and reveal the messages, through our dreams, signs and your angels. The Universe is delivering messages to you… It has definitely taken us to a place that we are unsure of, but this is what we need to break the chains from 2012 and stepping into a high evolution.” -The Leo King

This first week of June is all about returning home. June 6th Venus comes home into Taurus and later that night Mercury comes home to Gemini. This is all about surrendering and cleansing. Venus in Taurus underscores the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who share our values (follow the good vibes). What do you really value? Taurus tightens the rope and it’s time to only spend time and money on “luxury and bojee” lifestyle. Make sure you love it and that there are lost lasting memories.
Now with Mercury home in Gemini, this curiosity-inducing cycle draws us out of our cocoons. Flutter around and find those kindred spirits and playmates who share common interests. This is the perfect time for pairing up on projects or finding a go-to buddy for festivals, beach trips and dancing under the stars.”- The Astro Twins
Gemini also rules the hands so this is the perfect time for DIY crafts, writing and teaching.

Also, June 9th will be an amazing day! Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and adventure, turns direct the same day as the Full Moon in Sagittarius, it’s ruling planet!  There isn’t a Sagittarius that will meet that say’s no to going on an adventure. This is time for more peace and more prosperity. This Full Moon will open doors to lots of positivity!

The door may be open, but don’t worry, you don’t have to run through it. They aren’t going to close. There is a lot of coming together with our own spiritual, emotional, karmic understanding. The doorway is waiting for you to be emotionally ready, so get your shit together, feel confident and feel good before stepping through at your own pace.

June 21st the summer solstice arrives. Reminding us there is no excuse for you to not know where you are going in your life. We are out of Mars and Venus retrograde which makes going through these new doors a little more comfortable. It’s positive season! There is so much positive energy on where your life is going!

The rest of June is mellow after the solstice. Take actions and move forward.

The key is that we don’t understand everything and we must trust and go into these new directions. It will get clear and we have our friends here to help us. There has been A LOT that we have learned in this last cycle. Things don’t go the way we think they should go, but that’s life. It’s a journey and it’s not sub post to go the way we think it should.

Stay positive. Allow this new chapter to happen. Don’t think things won’t turn out the way you want them too. You need to have a deep connection and believe in a higher source. Welcome the magic into your life!