July 2017- Manifesting Your Dreams

Photo By Chuck Espinoza 

Photo By Chuck Espinoza 

July is the catalyst for manifesting your dreams – are you ready? If you let go of your fears, you can create anything you want. Now is the time to face the ‘last’ of your fears that you are holding on too – not only for yourself but for the collective consciousness that we are all connected too. As we set sail this month we enter calm seas that take us for a ride of the ebbs and flows of the wild ocean of our lives. There are a lot of lessons and realizations happening in July. Time to set sail captain!


“Go manifest your dreams. Be a leader and inspire others along the way!” – Leo King  


We start this month with a calm seas until the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 9th. It is triggering fear, but in a positive way that will make you want to face them. This involves risk and risk equals reward. How badly do you want it and how far will you go? This Full Moon falls on top of Pluto which will surface the fears around what we really want in life. Pluto rules the underworld of our deepest desires. It will bring up our raw truth and the boundaries we need to set in our lives. Start living your life to the fullest of your desires. It’s time to push yourself. Don’t you want to live in joy and happiness? Take those steps to push yourself through the uncomfortable, because as soon as you do it, it becomes comfortable.


This was an opportunity to get over your fears so when the next big things happen over the next couple years of your life of the things that your desire and the things that you want. You are going to be 100% able to take care of yourself, figure out how to get through any weird situation or fear and still manage to get to where you want to go in your life. This is the YOLO full moon.” – Leo King


July 23rd we have a powerful New Moon in Leo. But the days before on July 21-22nd some of us will be caught in the eye of the storm. As we leave the sign of Cancer it can become pretty intense and emotional. Once the new moon hits and we enter Leo season it creates an explosive time for love. Get ready to set those sails to your new land. The new moon is truly about moving forward into love, and our truest passion. Leo is a fire sign and fire is the catalyst for dreams. We have seven planets that are in fire signs, which means we are sailing forward! Get your captain’s hat on because you will get a rush of ambition after fighting off the storm.

The end of the month on July 25th and 26th is the explosion we have been waiting for of manifesting our dreams. We now see that beautiful tropical island on the horizon. Leo requires self-love, doing what you know is right. Don’t be afraid to express it whether it’s “I’m not into you anymore.” “I want this to change.” “This could be better.” “I’m not into this job.” The energy leaving the month into August is very exciting and high, so follow your desires. Your stress this month will be your failure of not seeing things from a beautiful place. Even if things feel weird this month, they are teaching us something. We only learn through experience.