July 2016- The Two Act Play

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July unfolds like a two part play. The first act; which is the first two weeks are scenes that force you to confront your fears, emotions, triggers, and bad habits. Act two; the last two weeks, is about transformation, growth, love, understanding and feeling grounded. Remember we need a stormy sky to get to the rainbows!


We start the month off with a New Moon in Cancer on the 4th of July. Cancer is the first water sign and the sign of the Mother, and with that is like a rebirth! The New Moon conjunct Sirius which as you know is a star system. Several cultures have stories about highly evolved beings; aliens, that come down from this star system and brought highly evolved wisdom to Earth. With this conjunction, the doors could open higher consciousness, wisdom, and love! Get ready for some downloads! Look for messages in your dreams, since water signs Moons are very active for the dream world.

We have a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19th. You may feel grounded now being in the second half of your play, but remember the power comes from behind the throne. You may feel like a King or Queen, but your support comes from backstage. They may be a few shadows and you may need to get on stage for a combat where you may need to slay someone or something. This is the time to improve your world and be an activist; be an activist for your own life and to the world. The Full Moon has a positive line with Mars; which is the doer and the mover planet. Things are moving forward. If you’ve done the work, get ready for a standing ovation with flowers flying around you at the end of the month. (applause, applause annnnnndddd scene).