December 2016- Reflection & Rebirth

We have made it to the last month of 2016. A surprise to hear is that the day before Thanksgiving was the END of a huge four-year cycle that has had us caged up and lost in fears and deep struggles. It is now over and your new life is breathing air. Can you feel it? In a way the “New Year” has started and how magical is it that it starts off with enjoying family and friends, attending parties and celebrating?! The first week of the month, all those things you thought couldn’t happen are now happening. Remember anything can happen and you are now supported with aligning your life. Don’t get caught up in the past, don’t repeat your old patterns. This month is about reflection and rebirth.

I say reflection because just as last year we have Mercury Retrograde from December 19th till January 8th in Capricorn. The grounding energy of this earth sign will have a good balance to this misunderstandings of Mercury. This is the time to re-think, re-do, re-define, re-organize, re-orient and re-plan. So how perfect is it that you are preparing for your NEW LIFE! Review this year and the last 4 years. . . what worked? What did you learn? What have you come to terms with?

There is a Full Moon in Gemini on December 12th. Time to start having fun. This duel sign of the twins could play just that. Are you the good twin or the naughty twin? Watch your words, as you may become a talker or the sugar or spice. As it is just before the holidays, remember to play nice on this Full Moon.

There is a New Moon on December 29th in Capricorn along with Uranus turning direct! Since Uranus has been in retrograde we have been preparing to make major life changes, and now on the 29th it’s time to take those steps into your new life! Uranus makes us think outside the box and helps us discover new possibilities. Change keeps us growing, developing and moving. Without change we become stuck in the same old routines, beliefs and habits. Life becomes dull and we become zombies. So love, embrace, and live the change.