August 2016- The Lion Within

We start August with a New Moon on the 2nd in Leo. This lion has feeling creative and loving in all areas of our life. As we become felines we crave a sense of security and stability along with being the center of attention, which can be exactly what you need as long as you keep your ego in check and don’t forget about others around you! As we may want to lay in the sun all day and cat nap our brains are ready to pursue our passion and attack like a cat!

We have Mars in Sagittarius from August 2nd till September 27th adding to our lion like nature of courage and fearlessness. It also pushes us to see things in our own way, no matter how truthful your perspective seems, we must stick with our lion pack and share. There is so much going on in the world with conflicts and war. We must stand together as one big pack and help and heal those to make our pack even stronger. Reach out with passion during this time.

IT”S HERE! On August 18th the next eclipse season beings and pushes our rebellion and revolution till September 23rd. This will be an intense cosmic time in all our lives. Will there actually be a revolution if Trump wins? The Uranus/Pluto squares of 2012-2015 have prepared us for this time head of us. Be prepared to feel like a rebel and live in your passionate truth all at once. We have a Full Moon Lunar eclipse on the 18th in Aquarius. 

“For the first time in a while, we have a significant Yod to deal with during an eclipse. This one is important because it points to Jupiter, and has the Moon sextile Uranus as its base. This means that Uranus is the key to resolving the opposition. Yods are like a thorn in one’s side that constantly spurs you towards your goal, often whether you like it or not! And this Yod is entwined with the Lunar eclipse. Yods are sometimes called ‘The Finger of God’because life feels fated or destined. At the same time, there is a yearning for perfection signified by the planet that it is pointing at. This one is God pointing at… well God.” –DarkStarAstrology

With that said, make sure the beginning of the month you are clear on your ideas, passions, truths. The start of the creative juices in the beginning of the month should help unfold your passions. Then as you may feel like a lion the end of the month will have your animal instincts running wild.


As if this isn’t enough to handle, our best friend Mercury retrograde starts back up for 3 weeks on August 30th… I’ll get into the details next month.