April 2017- Is Going To Be Intense

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“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.”
-John F. Kennedy

Happy New Year! Yes, it’s a new year and new cycle. Aries is the first sign of western astrology. All of us are going through so many changes of endings and new beginnings. We are shifting and changing who WE ARE. Where are you going in life? Who are you going to be? April is going to be “change” to the highest degree. Changing the way your soul works, change in your projects, change your life, change in relationships, change of identity, and change of getting over fears.

Along with change, our theme for April includes self-definition and self-trust. Tapping into your desire at full embodiment.

April 5th – Saturn will go retrograde in Sagittarius for 5 months. This retrograde is pushing us to think long term in our career and life purpose. What kind of person should I be? You are being called to your destiny! Take those actions!Everyone is being asked who are you trying to be in the world?

April 10th – We have Mercury Retrograde coming up in Taurus; dealing with self-worth and money issues in our lives again. It helps us get back in touch with reality, primarily physically, and from this last year and a half, our ascension symptoms (heavy heartedness, sensory sensitivity) are finally healing. How are you spending and saving your money? What and where are your values? We also have a Full Moon in Libra that is stirring up our creative projects. The divine feminine of Libra will light up your intuition and empathy.

And Jupiter will retrograde in the sign of Libra till early June. We are being asked, are we expanding in our relationships? Is fairness possible and what does it take? Am I worth listening too? Is what I’m saying clear and truthful? What kind of people am I attracting in life? State what you are available for!

As you can see there is a lot going on in April and even more than I barely skimmed the surface of. It is going to be an intense month where we might feel like were are upside down juggling our lives, as 5 planets are in retrograde! It is really a time to do your wildest dreams and really think about what you want to be and create in this life.

“But don’t worry, May is going to be the best May of all time. It’s really the beginning of what 2017 feels like.”- David Palmer

Insights from Tom Jacobs and David Palmer