April 2016- Being Comfortable With the Unknown

Are you ready for April? This month we have Mars Retrograde, Pluto Retrograde, and every ones favorite . . . Mercury Retrograde! Oh, it doesn’t stop there, Jupiter and Saturn have BEEN IN Retrograde. We are coming off the two eclipse’s in March that has now led us to a cosmic dance that shook up our lives as we knew it and left us with a “what happens next?” This month is unstable and calls us to be flexible and as retrogrades are a time for reflection, revision, revisiting and editing. This is time to review your life! Think of this month as puzzle pieces trying to fit together, you don’t know the big picture yet, and anything can happen. You need to have trust and go with the flow because there has been a lot of changes in everyone lives. Here’s what’s to brace for or just embrace. . .


We have a New Moon on April 7th in Aries. Since Aries is the first sign in astrology and this being the only Aries New Moon of the year this is a special Super Moon with a feel of a fresh new start in our lives. Welcome to a new chapter or even book! This is a time of freedom and imagination so enjoy it before the end of the month when Mars and Mercury turn retrograde having our focus shift to the past and reviewing. If you didn’t have any life changing events happen last month during the eclipses, then this new moon has a strong effect of 10 days after that you will most likely have a surprise waiting for you.

We have a Full Moon on April 21st in Scorpio. This water sign is really calling us to go with the flow and be flexible to what is shifting in our lives. Things won't happen over night with this many planets in retrograde. So after your review, this month, use this full moon to cut out and polish up the last details that have been tugging at you.

Mercury will start it’s retrograde at the end of the month on April 28th-May 22nd for its 3-week tour. As well as Mars retrograde starts April 17th for a little more than two months. So get all you can be done early in the month! Make those appointments, plan your projects but remember that this month with being unsettling with changes at any corner. Check out my article on How to Survive Mercury Retrograde. Communication and electronics will fail you at the end of this month so be ready!

“This month trains us to be more comfortable with and accepting of the things we do not know and cannot control. Building flexibility and acceptance into your life will only help you harness the opportunities that come out of this time of unsettled and unstable energy.
“This is a great time to make personal changes. After years of doing the same negative behavior or acting out of the same dysfunctional pattern, you have an opportunity to make some very deep and permanent changes.”- Lena Stevens