Why You Need An Alter At Home

“Sacred space” is another way of saying “with intention.” 
― S.Kelley Harrell

Having an altar in your home isn’t just for religious purposes. Create a sacred space where you can find zen, peace and manifest your dreams! It is a  great way to call in spiritual energies into your home. It can be used for prayer, meditation, chanting, or just a place of sheer beauty and warmth. The goal is to fill the space with objects that resonate with you on a deep level, and that remind you of where your heart lies and where you want to stay on track.

Pick a Space– Your altar space doesn’t have to be big! It can be on a shelf, on top of a dresser, on the floor in a corner or on top of a mantel. It doesn’t have to be big, IT CAN BE LITTLE! Just put it somewhere where you can pass by it and see it in your home. 

Things to start with- 

  • Sage; it’s the perfect thing to burn, to take away any bad energy and to clear the space. I “smudge” my house with sage once a month (Full Moons) or after I have had a hard day as well as before and after guests have come over. Sage has also recently been shown to kill bacteria in the air better than Lysol and it also keeps the air cleaner for longer, up to a week rather than a few hours or a day.
  • Candles; fire is one of the elements that we think of when we think of nature and focus, love and warmth. Choose scents that you love if you want but the flame itself is what is sacred.
  • Pictures; they can be of mentors, loved ones and even relatives or friends that have passed away.
  • Statues; usually they are of deities that you resinate with you.
  • Incense; Frankensence and Murr are smells that have been used for thousands of years. They connect you to higher dimensions and are perfect for meditation and calming your mood.

Be creative– You can add anything to you altar that really inspires you, or has special meaning to you. Be creative, it should be fun! I have a vase of peacock feathers that I found when I was a kid that remind me of my childhood and to have fun in life, along with the beauty and elegance the bird has taught me. You can have fortunes from your fortune cookies (finally somewhere to put them!), a special rock from a trip you found. Maybe a crystal you love. I also collect coins from different currencies to bring in travel abundance in my life. Pictures of loved ones both alive and departed. You can add whatever it is that may help improve your ability to manifest your goals and dreams. Maybe you have a vintage camera on your altar if you wish to be a photographer? Or money if you are trying to create more abundance in your life. The main thing is you are worthy of a space in your home that helps you to ground yourself and bring you an overall good feeling whenever you look at it or pass it by.