Why You Must Go Camping!

I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.” 
Sylvia Plath

For my birthday last month I desided to escape to nature and go camping. With the exception of last year I have camped for the past five years of my birthday and to be honest I wish I had gone camping last year! Camping gives us a connection to nature as well as ancient history as they are one in the same. When you camp you are connected to earths elements of Fire + Water + Earth + Air instantaneously. Researchers say more the 40 million people go camping and the benefits for camping are just now being more researched. New research is discovering that camping just might be one of the healthest activities. Here is why.

Your Sleep Cycle reconnects to Nature Most of the westernized world has sleep issues. For millions of years we have evolved to rise and fall with the sun. When you are camping you connect to the sun and moon cycles which are highly intertwined with the human body. Every time I go camping I feel as though I have slept in, feeling refreshed only to find that is 6 in the morning and the sun has only been out for a short time.

Helps build up your “germs” Getting into nature is a really effective way to improve the depth and resilience of your mircrobiome; the impact of that improvement on your health is just starting to be understood, but it’s wide ranging, from it’s decreasing inflammation to improving immunity, metabolism and digestion.’ “Germs” are on, in and all around us. When you are in nature you are connecting to the healthy flora and fungi germs that our body needs and runs more efficiently on.

Hello NIGHT SKY, good bye ARTIFICIAL light Research has suggested that being exposed to artificial light after dark has been linked to increased risk of diseases. Especially electronics, which hinder melatonin production. With the night sky lit up with stars that you can stare at for hours, you won’t miss the bright city lights. Plus when you camp, you are most likely ‘off the grid’ and don’t have cell service. This in turn, lowers stress levels and allows to you forget time. In other words if forces you to JUST BE with nature. A digital detox to find your inner stillness!

Get your body moving You can make your camping experience as intense as you like it with activities like hiking, swimming, climbing and biking. But even smaller tasks like, setting up a tent and chopping wood get your body moving and can be great exercise.

You build community! When you go camping, you most likely go with friends or family creating your our community of camping. With tasks, communication and activities you are literally BUILDING a community. Especially at camp sites, you will have neighbors whom you might even share in activities, camp fire, cooking or just great conversation. My boyfriend and I just went the two of us, at the end of May for my birthday and our neighbors were another couple, we created our community with them and we shared a fire through the night. Their is something so magical and historic about sharing and sitting in a circle around a fire.