Why This Is The Best Time To Release The Past and Open New Doors!

 “The greatness of the man’s power is the measure of his surrender.”

―William Booth

As we enter the last month of the year we are now aware of the bigger picture of the journey we had in 2016. Whether you had a roller coaster of a year, challenging year or a great successful year it is now the perfect time to clear emotional energy and ties. Not just because this is the last month, but the astrology is perfectly guiding you to do so with ease! The Full Moon on the 29th of November was all about a New World. It brought a new start the focus of where the next chapter of our lives may be going. In order for the new to come in, we must release the past.

First review your emotions. Attention goes where the mind flows. What has been on your mind the most? Make a list of things and or people that you feel you need to let go of or anything that is not positive, addictive or not aligning you with your dreams. Say “I am letting go and releasing these emotions”. Next to each item on your list, write an action or step to take. It could be like: start a detox from sugar on January 1st, don’t call my ex from a month, or even write the word I forgive or I surrender next to it because we all know we can’t control everything! Even if you are scared to leave a job because you are not sure where the money will come from, just start looking and trust the Universe will give you answers right when you finally make the move. You’ll be surprised how fast your answers come but be patient.

Tie up those loose ends. Make a list of unfinished projects that you may have been procrastinating on. Anything from cleaning out our closet, finishing your taxes, writing a book, calling your mom back, ending a relationship that has been dragging on too long. Some things can also be released energetically. Sage your home to clear stuck or negative energy. Write and burn a letter of all your fears.

Take actions– Maybe you have a yard sale and say good bye to old, stuck, useless things. Maybe take that money actually create a savings plan or a budget? Maybe call a friend to edit your book and start looking for publishers. or to all my LA friends, maybe get new headshots, or make a new reel.

Surrendering is a beautiful thing and letting go just makes room for something else that can better serve you. You let go of the fear and negative thoughts and their feelings that control you. Once you accept and move forward from the past your growth, strength and happiness all seem to fall into place. Here’s to releasing 2016!