Unexpectedly Spiritual Advice – What I Learned From a Navy Seal

I met a killer one night in Texas, what he shared wasn’t what I expected, and is sound advice that should be heard by everybody.

In 2016 I worked a gig in Dallas where we were treated to a surprise guest speaker. When the the speaker was revealed to be one of the Seals who was in the room when Bin Laden was shot, everyone rose and clapped… except me. 

It had nothing to do with me thinking Bin Laden wasn’t bad. It had to do with being against war and killing, but I put that aside for the talk and heard him out as I could’t resist some Texas BBQ.

A seemingly humble man walked into the front of the room, and I immediately knew this was no ordinary ‘military’ guy. What he spoke it had nothing to do with how cool or great he was at killing or war, he shared his experience on mastering life by mastering your mind. I related to everything he said in an unexpectedly ‘spiritual’ way, being a “New Aged” California girl obsessed with growing and changing myself. The key components he talked about seemed just as deep as Eckhart Tolle. I was engaged in every word he said and as the older men in the room finished up there boring war questions; Whats the coolest thing you saw? What’s the most expensive gun you shot? I couldn’t wait to ask more questions about his mind hacking techniques!

Here was one of my favorite moments he shared:

3 Foot World– While the Seal was rock climbing a couple of hundred feet up a mountain side in Las Vegas for a practice mission, he ran out of hand holds and was stuck half way up the rock. As the Seal was panicking, and looking around frantically, the skinny long haired hippy instructor yelled “Hey man, just stay in your three-foot world!” Then he began to free climb while smoking a cigarette in a tie died shirt and met the Seal halfway up the mountain. 

Hey man, focus on your three-foot world, focus on what you can affect. You keep looking around and none of that shit can help you right now, can it?“So look at what’s in front you and climb.”

 Refocusing his efforts, the Seal kept climbing. Now, his focus never went further then where his next hand or foot hold was. He was so focused that it shocked him when he suddenly reached the top and could admire the beauty of the desert.

Can’t we all relate to this?

 Everyone almost everyday is trying to control things they can’t control. It creates fear and panic inside us. If we just remain present in the moment, stay in our “three-foot world”, and focus on whats RIGHT in front of us, everything can be smooth. You might find yourself more capable then you realize if you fully focus. So do what you have with what’s in front of you; your three-foot world!

As he wrapped up his presentation, he mentioned he’s written two books, and we each received his second book “No Hero“. I found it so engrossing I finished half of it on my flight back from Texas to LA. He talks more about communication skills, teamwork, and being comfortable in the uncomfortable. I loved every minute of this book!

I learned to be open through life’s hidden messages. Usually when we have our guard up is when the wall needs to come down. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t practice to release and surrender to what I can control in front of me. Always reminding myself of Marks words…

“It is liberating once you let go of the things that you can’t control.”
Mark Owen