Theme For 2017- CHANGE

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A few days ago I received an email from my friend Kim Kidd that she had forward from her acting teacher. Her teachers message was exactly how I have been wanting to explain this year coming.

One word- Change.

Like a sunset, every night it changes. The colors are never the same and it sets at a different time almost every night. We must be open to change, or you will get dragged in fear or ego. Embrace how things are changing. An astrology friend of mine told me in the next 8 years traditions will change. A girlfriend of mine is wearing a black lace dress for her wedding and didn’t want a diamond for a wedding ring. Times are changing and we must be open. Even in politics and what might seems to be a scary time… change can be good in whatever way you look at it.

Theme for 2017- CHANGE

Every Christmas I send out a studio Holiday Message and this year I wasn’t sure what to talk about. I kept thinking of the word Change and there’s been so much going on in the world, it just feels like the right word to meditate upon. 

Obviously this year seems to have been an incarnation of that word in so many different ways. And it’s left a lot of people freaked out. Understandable. 

But why is it so scary? I think at a deep level it makes us realize that we have no control – in the cosmic sense. Ultimately, the outcome of experiences in this lifetime are guided by something no one has ever been able to accurately describe – or even locate – and to come to terms with realizing that to have very little say in the comings and goings of a planet that’s been spinning around for eons can be unnerving. 

So we mere mortals attempt to control by electing officials we think can lead us to stability. Normalcy. Calmness. (Or our hoped-for officials don’t get elected. Womp Womp.)

Or we create constructs or demagogues or rules or belief systems or religions or dogmas to make ourselves feel okay when things feel anything but. And we hold on to these structures even if it marginalizes others, compromises our own heart’s desires, renders us feeling powerless and angry, or just basically gets us trapped.  

So change – at a deeper level – also shows us where we’re stuck. Where we hold on. Where we want to blame others for our lives not going according to plan. 

But consider this. What if change were here to show us that our lives are going according to plan. It’s just not always the plan we try to force. 

There’s freedom in the acknowledgment that change can be a wake-up call to show us how asleep we are to our own lives. We think when we get that job or agent or house or boyfriend our real life is going to begin. When we finally do the thing that we think we’re not ready to do, we’ll finally be ready. 

But if you are the only one who can decide for yourself whether you’re ready or not – why are you waiting? No one gets to decide for you, and you’re never going to be fully ready. Perhaps change is a portent to show you this. But it also becomes the reason you don’t do what you need to do because it seems scary! 

But change is simply the next logical step. (Even if it feels illogical.) 

The beautiful thing about all of it – if we could take a bird’s eye view – is there’s no turning back. Either things happen for a reason or they don’t. Either all things ultimately are moving us in the direction of good and greater understanding (even if in the short-term they feel like a disaster) or they’re not. 

We need not be afraid. The earth has been doing just fine without us. Our worries and fears and judgments and loud blatherings and pontifications – in the big scheme of things – matters not one bit to anyone in the history of this existence, except for the person doing the shouting. 

What if we used this time to renew our faith in ourselves? And recognize that change is a barometer of how much we still have (and want) to do — but spend so much time telling ourselves we can’t. Change. 

If you think about it, change is happening in every single moment of our lives anyway – from a cellular level to our organs to the aging process. It’s a natural process. It’s natural because it’s always happening and it’s always in process. We are always changing. You can’t be who you are today without the millions of transformations you experienced along the way! 

So change isn’t something to fear or even dread. It’s just a continuation of you at a different level.

One of my favorite Bruce Lee quotes invokes the power of change in his Mr. Miyagi-like ways when he says, “…There are no limits. There are only plateaus. And you must not stay there. You must go beyond them.” 

So plateaus are actually the things to dread. Plateaus are these stagnant, swampy, sink-hole-y, dark bottomless pits we often can’t recover from if we get too comfortable staying in them. 

So embrace the change. Celebrate it. Love it. Feel the fear and then spin it around and see that on the other side is excitement and opportunity. And that doesn’t mean you have to sit idly by and accept aspects of change to which you personally don’t subscribe. 

Change asks us to get up and do something if you aren’t happy. That can occur at the micro or macro level. So hold on, while letting go – and remember that life is happening right now and it’s asking each of us to change – if ever so slightly – the course of our own lives. 

You know what is needed. All it takes is just a tiny step off the plateau. 

Wishing you all a safe, merry and blessed holiday and looking forward to kicking ass and busting through all of our plateaus in the New Year. 

Love, Tony  (Anthony Meindl )