The Health Benefits from Writing a Love Letter ♥ ♥ ♥

For most of us, our childhood days of pre-internet caused most of us giggling middle schoolers to write notes and stuff them into the lockers of our friends and secret admirers. We had to hand write all our own papers and cool ways to entertain our selves in a class by writing and doodling. Oh metallic gel pens!

Writing now is becoming a sadly dying art. The pen to paper of letting our thoughts flow is such a beautiful tool to express ourselves and dive deep. And with this rare expression, I come to admire it more and more. To receive any note, letter and hand written card always touches me.

They have found that when you express forms of love, like gratitude, and kindness your stress levels are lower, it reduces social anxiety as well as improves our relationships. It also stimulates parts of our brain that help with memory, motivation, and attention. For this year in honor of Valentine’s Day write a love letter to someone or maybe even five people! Whether it to be your significant other, close friend or even your mom, no one will feel unappreciated by the words you lay out on the paper for them. Once you start I bet you will feel the love pour out of you and you will want to write more than one letter. Find pretty paper, get a nice pen or a card and mail out or deliver it personally. The effects of love letter writing might even take you back to a sort of past life.