Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Your Life Purpose!

This morning I had one of my closest friends call me and explain to me that she has been feeling weird and lost, that she is unsure what to do with her life. This is the same feeling we all get when we hit our late twenties and then go through our ‘Saturn Return‘. She saw my blog I posted about Mercury Retrograde starting and knew I would understand her madness. We both work in entertainment and when you do, you become the ‘jack of all trades’. Dancer, actress, model, videographer, social media, film editor, writer, stylist etc. We do it all and we love it all. But when we are talented at all and not a master of one, you sort of spread yourself thin and become lost in a whirl wind of ideas that blow everywhere. This isn’t such a bad thing!

After talking to my friend this morning I come up with some questions to ask yourself to get to the root of your minds chaos. What more than a better time to review your life and find your purpose during this retrograde of reflection! You will already be in a revisit, review, revise your life mood!

So before you read the questions, just take a moment and accept your feelings and where you are in life. Be present and know it’s ok to feel lost. WE ALL DO! Ok, now I want you to read each question, close your eyes, and listen inwardly. Take some deep breaths and once you open your eyes, say or write down your thoughts or even draw what comes up.

  1. What do I think my purpose is for being alive right now?
  2. What do I value about myself?
  3. What do I do that serves and helps others?
  4. What am I passionate about in my life?
  5. How do I express my purpose through my health?
  6. How do I express my purpose in my relationships?
  7. How do I express my purpose in my career?
  8. Where do I feel most aligned with my purpose?
  9. Where do I feel I am not aligned with my purpose?
  10. What actions can I take to be more aligned with my purpose?

What did you discover about yourself? Maybe your health needs to change? Maybe you need to be more caring to yourself and or others? Or maybe you now see that you need to make a big change in your life? Maybe things, people or projects came up that need to end or begin!

Think about your answers or the questions as you go through your day. Maybe a certain question or answer is sticking out more?