How to Live in Actually Ecstasy

” Without time in the picture, I have all the time I need.” -Jason Silva


Haven’t we all dreamed of living a life of happiness? Joy? What about even a life of ecstasy? Ecstasy is more than just popping a pill and living in bliss for 4 hours while dancing and telling our friends we love them forever, it’s actually a state of life that you can live without taking a drug. I was gifted a book early this month called Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal. The book uncovers secrets that the Seals and Google founders have managed to live their lives by; they have called it STER. Four words that have become the ambassadors of ecstasis. From the idea of being “in the zone” or “in the flow” we experience a sort of alter-state of consciousness. I had just spent the first week of this month in what I experienced as STER. As I was reading this book about ecstasy I was actually living it simultaneously. How freaky right? I was completely in the flow.


Here are the four magic words to live in ecstasy.


Selflessness – The art of giving without the need to receive.  Scientists explain that when we shut off our prefrontal cortex our inner critic and nagging get turned off. A sense of real peace arises and within that, we are free from the confines of our normal identity, we are able to look at life with fresh eyes. We can find selflessness through stepping outside ourselves and gaining perspective. How? Acts of volunteering, holding space for others and giving to those in need are just simple ways. Selflessness is what we experience to gain growth in our lives. I spent some of my time last week holding space as someone went through a huge transition. I was lost in empathy for someone else and it felt amazing to be there for someone.


Timelessness – Is the ability to separate the past from present from future. Researchers have found when we focus our attention are we are able to processes more data quickly which makes the moments seem to last longer –  which explains the ‘now‘ feeling. When you are fully aware of your surroundings and of yourself in the present, [this] increases time. A recent study found that an experience of timelessness is so powerful it shapes behavior. People felt that they had more time, less impatient, willingness to volunteer, stronger preferences for experiences over material objects and an overall sense that ‘life is amazing!‘ Being fully present allowed me to enjoy every moment and seeing a bigger picture of the beauty of life.


Effortlessness – Can propel us past the limits of our normal motivation. It’s the state of being “in the flow“. It can show up when people are deeply committed to a goal. Most of the time it has a sense of synchronicity when moments align themselves and the state of being ‘in the flow‘ comes naturally. Effortlessness can come from following our passions and the action of “I did it, it felt awesome, and I would like to do it again soon!” When we listen to our intuition we are always on the right path, therefore it becomes effortless to question the experience.


Richness – Comes from the seeing the details in the overall bigger picture along with the present moments. It’s a sense of living in a non-ordinary state. It’s the experience of having the norepinephrine and dopamine being released into our system. We notice what is happening around us creating links and recognizing patterns. We move to an alpha state of mind increasing our intuition. We find the richness in life and sustain the present. Last week I understood the richness of life through details, seeing life as if I was in a beautiful movie as every moment folded I was lost in the ‘now’.