How To Go Through a Big Life Transition

“Life is a transition, and a transition is a life, and if you are not in transition, then something is wrong.”- Unknown

As we open these new doors to our life it may seem scary and exciting at the same time. For some of us these doors may have just presented themselves and now we must go through them at our own pace. So before we choose the direction we need to have our bags packed to truly go in style and easy through this transition.

Here are some tips to help you through this transition.

Slow Down – Breathe, meditate and or journal. These simple mindful practices can easy your thoughts and put you in a centered place in your life. Get in touch with yourself and your true feelings which help the processing of change comforting. Do these daily to find your peace.

Have Confidence – Self-worth and confidence go hand and hand. Confidence comes from within. When there is a big change in our lives, our confidence may shift. From breaks up to changing careers we must trust in “fake it will you make it” to build ourselves up. My favorite term of “DOING ME” is the motto for confidence. Do things you love, be around people who inspire you. Happiness is the key to confidence!

Find A Mentor or Guide – As we transition it’s great to have someone that you can get some support from. Whether it’s changing careers and finding someone who an expert in your field or seeing a therapist as you go through a breakup or even finding a doctor to help with health issues. Seek help and guidance to push you though.

Find Joy In A Routine – When we have a routine or structure in our lives we also get more confidence and happiness.  Check out my post about creating a health routine. Along with how my morning rituals changed my life.