How My Plants Became My Pets

Who is so cute? Is it you? Just look who pretty you are!” As I speak in a baby voice, not to a pet dog or cat, but to a plant. I saw plants the same way I saw animals. That feeling of overjoy ‘cuteness’ filled my heart to almost every plant I saw. You can only image how my hikes in nature go! Here is how plants became my pets and to their wonderful magic.

Living, breathing, beautiful nature. Plants are divinely connected to us just as animals and mother earth are all inter-connected. I grew up in northern California on an acre of land. We had gardens filled with flowers to a pear tree and blackberry bushes that lined our property. I was a flower child tomboy, climbing every tree and coming home with dirt across my face and deep in my fingernails. It wasn’t until 2012 that I had a huge shift in my life and took on a path towards “spiritual awakening“. I realised I had the ability to communicate with plants. Each plant has a spirit and each of them has different personalities. Some are shy and some are guardians, some create portals and some are healers. In the summer of 2013, I journeyed with a shaman out in Sedona, Arizona. He taught me to listen to the plants and feel their energy. We brought tobacco and scattered it along the way as offerings to the spirits of the plants. Tobacco is used as an ancient Native America offering and plants love it, it’s like catnip to them!

After coming back home, my life was never the same. I could tap in and out and listen to the plants. Soon I filled my Venice Beach apartment with more and more plants over the years. I wanted to live in a jungle and feel the energy of nature through my home.  Luckily there are many plants that are perfect for indoors and have amazing benefits such as reducing carbon dioxide, increasing humidity and even reducing levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide according to The Healthy Home Economist.

My plants became my pets. I talked to them, loved them and thought about them when I left town, and I even named some of them. I bought them beautiful pots and shell macrame’s to hang them. From my kitchen to the bathroom, they fill my life with joy. Was I becoming a crazy plant lady at 30? 

For anyone who wants to invite nature into their home, I do recommend checking out 10 Best Houseplants To De-Stress Your Home And Purity The Air by The Huffington Post to know what kind of plants work great indoors. As for your home, plants work great in corners, hiding outlets and hanging plants like pathos and English ivy’s are great to add magic to ceiling corners. I have a hanging pathos named Poseidon hanging in my shower. He is the Greek God of the sea and he loves being in the bathroom with all the water!

Another tip is you should always have a plant by the front door. Either outdoors or inside close to the door, or both! This is your ‘greeter’ and is a great plant to absorb energy that enters in and out your home. He in a way is like a dog always greeting when a guest comes over. You can get a tall plant or even a small one (just like how little dogs have a big bark). Mine is named Tiger Lily and she is a tall red- edged dracaena.

If you tap into your intuition, you can find out which plant belongs where in your home. You really can’t go wrong in placing certain plants around your home.  I am constantly moving some plants around to new spaces. This way the energy doesn’t stay stagnant and they get to enjoy new spaces too!

And don’t worry, even I have had my fair share of plants that have died. Just like death itself, we must accept the time they choose to leave and I always take my plants to my compost to be recycled back to the earth. Do I cry? No, but I do feel the spirit leaving and it always touches my heart.

Here’s to your new pets that are green, and sometimes furry and that can bring a lifetime of joy!