How to Start Your New Life!

We are starting new chapters in our lives! How exciting! Of course new chapters can be scary for some of us, from ending a relationship, starting a new job or relocating to another state (bye Stephanie and Bryce). Here are some great ways to reboot and restart your life and build a great foundation.

Accept Change– Times are changing and not just small things. If you read my newsletter from last month I talked about how CHANGE is the theme for 2017. So embrace the change. Celebrate it. Love it. Feel the fear and then spin it around and see that on the other side is excitement and opportunity. And that doesn’t mean you have to sit idly by and accept aspects of change to which you personally don’t subscribe. Change asks us to get up and do something if you aren’t happy.

Create Self-Love Rituals– When you are in a whole new world it’s easy to get lost and feel ungrounded. Self-care is more important than you might think. When dancing through our days of errands, work, auditions, and meetings we lose ourselves in our activities along with whatever may be going on in your mind; breakup, stressed out friends, projects, money. We need self-care time to heal and love ourselves. When you are doing what you love, you are taking care of your mind and soul, it’s that simple. Check out my self-care list and learn more about self-love! Tis the season!

Declutter (aka Get Rid of Your Shit) Clean out your closet, clean out your car, clean out our home, clean out your mama. Clutter is anything you don’t like, don’t need, don’t use. In feng shui philosophy, free-flowing energy creates health, wealth, love and abundance. Clutter stops that beautiful flow of energy, and gives rise to stagnation, exhaustion and exasperation. Check out my post about the 5 Ways Your Life Can Change When You Declutter. And seriously start today!

Explore Your Spirituality– Faith is a foundation. Believing in something opens up your soul to the beauty of belief and trust. It builds your intuition and helps you make decisions based on your gut feeling. It takes you on a journey to learning more about yourself, through thoughts, feelings, passions and emotions to find the true authentic you! Take a meditation class, find a new church, or visit new holy places. It’s the Year of the Rooster in Chinese astrology so it’s all about waking up to the “new awakening” in spirituality!