Do This In The Morning and It Will Change Your Day!

I never realized how much what I did the mornings affected my whole day. By the end of January in a life changing motivation kick. I receivedAmazon’s Alexa for Christmas and decided to try out Audibles. My mom raved about it and since my 67-year-old mom was way more hip than me, I had to give it a shot. “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod was the first booked that I stumbled upon, it was rated one of the highest books on Amazon! Hal reveals the secrets of creating a morning routine designed to change your life in ways you’ve dreamed of. These secrets are what successful people and millionaires use as tools in their life. (well than sign me up!) Here is how I started my “Miracle Morning.”

Since I work in entertainment, my life has no routine. I wake up when I feel like it and days I don’t work, I fill endlessly with voids of random things with an underlining tone of anxiety that I was hoping more work would come in.

February 1st I started my “Miracle Morning”. I set my alarm and woke up at 7:30 am, I huge struggle for me since I was used to going to bed late and sleeping in until about 9 am most of my life as an adult. Hal talks about starting your morning with “me” time and doing one thing in “silence”. His list of silent activities: Journal, affirmations, reading a book or meditation. I do all of these.

I start my morning with taking deep breaths in my bed and enjoy petting my cat as she crawls over seeing that I am awake. I get up and head straight to the kitchen and make hot water with lemon and honey. I light some candles, than sit on my lamb skin rug and pull an oracle card to help guide my actions and thoughts for the day. I meditation, journal and read 10 pages in a book. All before 8am! After that I do some sort of exercise. I go to yoga class, do a yoga video at home, or ride my bike to the Venice Canals. I come home make breakfast and than I look at my phone and tackle my emails and all the things I have made on my “to do” list the night before. Here is where the change happened in my life.

After doing all these things in the morning, I had a huge sense of accomplishment, no matter what the rest of my day was like from wearing a banana costume for a gig to writing at a coffee shop for myself or hanging out with friends for lunch, I had just ‘crushed it’ as an adult. I felt an easy to enjoy my day, I felt more creative, I felt more powerful, I felt like I was conquering and taking control of my life. I started booking so much work, money was coming in! I booked two commercials, gigs asked for me back for following week and I have three companies want to work for them at a convention next month. I was seriously in an abundance flow and I thank so much of it for sticking to my morning rituals. I was in a better place mentally I did it everyday in February and will continue to always do my morning rituals. Even when I had to wake up early for a gig, I woke up even earlier to do my morning routine. I loved it! I have never felt better about life. It gave me purpose to wake up everyday. Not that I didn’t have purpose before, but that I get so excited to have that rush of accomplishment in life so early each day!

I really recommend you checking out Hal’s book to really understand how to tap into this magical power of success in creating a morning ritual. You can do it even at night or even just in 10 minutes of your day. For me I really enjoy taking hours to myself in the morning. The clarity and manifestations that are happening I feel can only grow more with time. I actually feel like all my wild dreams can come true! Set yourself up and start with a morning routine and stick to it! Don’t snooze the alarm get up and get to creating magic in your life.