Why You Need To Try Black Tooth Paste

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There are also more benefits of activated charcoal ranging from anti-aging and reducing high cholesterol. I have always been a fan of activated charcoal ever since I gave my ex-boyfriend these little black pills to help him cure his food poisoning – it worked instantly! Watching it work miracles in minutes had me hooked.


The uses of activated charcoal has been dated back to 1550 BC for medical purposes through the years like spider bites, acne, food poisoning, digestive issues and teeth whitening. When ingested, it absorbs toxins in your stomach and digestive tract and is released out through our body. It is also known as a ‘hangover’ remedy, it’s a real poison sucker. When I found out they made activated charcoal toothpaste, I was excited to try it.


I read reviews on Amazon and most everyone raved about the Twin Lotus Charcoal toothpaste. I was so excited to try this black paste toothpaste. Activated charcoal is also known as activated carbon, and is made from bituminous coal, lignite coal, coconut shell, and wood. It is made from heating the wood and the other substances in an enclosed space without air. I was fascinated by the chemistry and health benefits.


The activated charcoal toothpaste binds to everything in its paths like stains, tartar, and bacteria and also freshens the breath. I definitely noticed my teeth were getting whiter after two weeks. Activated charcoal is actually flavorless, so Twin Lotus as added Guava and Cloves to add that extra fresh flavor. It was also fun to switch from using the standard ‘white’ toothpaste to black.


Here’s to living life in “Black NOT white”.