How To Survive Mercury Retrograde

“Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.” –Michael J Fox

Mercury Retrograde, it happens three to four times a year and for some, it feels like every day. When Mercury spins close to earth orbit at these times it appears to be spinning backward which is why we call it retrograde. Of course, it isn’t actually spinning backward, but much like two trains passing it creates this illusion. Ah the word illusion, much of what we live in daily right?! 
Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology. During the retrograde, these things fall off balance. Some retrogrades are worse than others, especially if you are ruled by Mercury (Gemini & Virgo) it can feel more intense for you. There is always a negative connotation for Mercury retrograde, but it truly is not a bad thing! It’s a great time for reflection, review, and revisiting things in our past. Sometimes you have to go back to launch yourself forward or as Frank Ferrante from May I Be Frank puts it, “transformation is not linear”. It’s a perfect time to hone in on your craft or practice. The perfect time to see how far you have come and where you may have fallen and also where you might want to begin to move towards. It’s almost like a review of what you have been learning, but instead of being a student in a classroom with four walls you are a pupil of the universe and your curriculum is finding your life’s purpose and how you can continue to give your gift to the world throughout time.

Retrogrades can be rough, especially when they coincide with an eclipse. In September 2015 I had the worst mercury retrograde I’ve ever had in a while. My electronics were acting up; missed texts and phone freezing. I have two entertainment gigs cancel, which then I lost money I was counting on as well as I had horrible auditions and a miss-communication with my boyfriend at the time. I was stressing out which then caused a migraine that got so bad it turned into a form of a panic attack and I ended up vomiting all the night before the eclipse. I called it… “The Purging Retrograde”. I was just releasing all that no longer served me through the sickness and stress. During all this madness I learned some tips on how to handle.

  • Acceptance– Yes, we understand were in Merc-Ret, but how do I surrender? One thing after another kept happening. It builds and builds and finally, it gets to a point where I must surrender and let go. My mantra is “I know it won’t always be like this and I know this will make me stronger.” 


  • Perspective- I looked at each thing that was causing me stress and had to change the way I looked at my view and thoughts about it. So what I had two gigs cancel, money comes and goes and somehow I have always been able to pay rent and eat magical every month. If it didn’t happen then it wasn’t meant to be. So I got in a fight with my boyfriend, in the end, it only made us stronger and closer after we talked it out. So I had a horrible audition, there are about a million other variables why it might have been better for me to not work that gig. Maybe I would have had a bad experience working for that company, or maybe someone else needed that job more than me? All I am trying to say is, it’s all about perspective! So all the “off’s” or “bad things” are often blessing in disguise or at the very least small test to see where we are at in our temperament and grounded demeanor. The more we can see things objectively and tweak them every time we get out to test results back the more progress we can make without any pain. The moment ego gets involved we feel as though we are being picked on, or that life is horrible and random, things are bad and there is nothing you can do about it. Perspective allows us to choose how we want to look at certain things. the people that challenge us the most in our lives are our zen master because they are showing us how easily we can get upset and how well we can come back to love and oneness. Either way, it's all valid, it's just how you want to look at it.


  • Understanding– To understand you’re not alone during this is always a great feeling. My girlfriend called me to check in on how I was doing and I told her I was “going through it” she said I was the third person to have spoken to her saying roughly the same thing. You’re never alone and the best part is getting help from friends and family. Venting to getting advice; we all have help and messages to share with others. “Your mess is your message” is one of my favorite saying. Throughout my journey through this retrograde I was continually reminded of how important it was for me to hear other peoples experience and for me to share mine.